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posted by ballboy45 (CUMMING, GA) Jan 28, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

theres is not alot of stuff to do and it got really boring

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Really Bad


posted by CSSROCKS7 (MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, MD) May 22, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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This game takes way 2 long to beat. i havent even beat it yet. besides that it is boring and some of the driving physics are dumb. burnouts are possible(except in this game)and so is drifting(this is a racing game right?). there are way to many races(ive counted at least one hundred races)the endurance races are especially annoying. gt3 was a far better game. with gt4 there seems to be no end to it :(
p.s. also a damage modeler would be nice

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"New" GT, Same Old Problems

posted by AnimeGamer (EUGENE, OR) Aug 11, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

Not only am I a racing game fanatic, I am also very much into cars but for some reason the Gran Turismo series has always managed to make me fall asleep everytime I play them. This most recent full iteration of the series (circa 2009) features all of the bells and whistles you would expect, and aside from all the massive hype surrounding it, I have some major questions for Sony`s flagship franchise: firstly why am I not allowed to repaint my cars? Why can`t I repaint used cars? This is ridiculous. In every other racing game I can choose my car in any flavor, and for a fee, paint it again just for fun. C`mon Polyphony, really? Still? Secondly, why does this game hate drifting so much? Just the slightest bit of wheelspin will create plumes of tire-smoke and slow you down to 30 Mph right away! Polyphony THIS IS NOT FUN! What if I actually want to drift my Mustang, just a little? Please? I hate not being able to modify the outer of my car, STILL! Only generic looking wings are open to you and THATS IT. What is the point of "rewarding" me with cars that I cannot even drive? After winning a space-age looking Toyota prototype I naturally tried to race it, only to be told "this is a special car and cannot be raced here". Here, there, or anywhere it seemed. I could look at the beast but not drive it? What was the reason I`m playing this game for?? Also, what`s happened to the little "i"nformation button beneath each car, so I could click and read about each and every model car in the game? This mini car encyclopedia was fun brain food for gearheads like me! Polyphony has also cut out alot of the fun and quirky Japanese-only cars from earlier games, and replaced them with 200 more Skyline`s and RX-7`s that all end up looking the same after a short while. Not to mention the same complaint heard worldwide- still no car damage. We had car damage in the first Forza on Xbox, just cut out some of those redundant Skyline`s to make room for damage models Sony! Enjoy Ridge Racer more.

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