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900,000 dollars and fast car

First you need about 500,000 dollars. Buy and set up to the max a audi tt-r touring car go in to european races and select touring car meisterschaft do all the race and win. you will win a grand prize of 75,000 dollars. If you want sell your car for over 700,000 dollars.

Fast Cash

Enter the All Japan GT championship with the Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca 35 times and keep selling the cars for a total over $3,500,000.

Fast Cash 2

Make sure that your Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca is tuned to the MAX and has 959HP. If it is not and it is tuned to the max, try getting an oil change. It does not matter how many races you enter, but make sure you stay in 1st place. Every time you keep getting a Nissan Motul Pitwork Z. You can sell them for like $299,999. When you have $3,500,000, go to the Maker Jaguar and then go to the classics and buy the purple and white race car. It has 799HP, and if you tune it to the max, it can go over 1000HP.

Wanted Starting Car

Transfer over 18,000 credits from your GT3 game data,then go to toyota and buy a CALDINA GT-FOUR. Now,if you wish to,you can get Comfort (N2) it works PERFECT for it.All Normal Tires Are Free.

win race without trying

Take a fast car to any race and do B-spec mode. This will save you on endurance events and the Gran Turismo World Championship.

Easy Wins 2

When turning a corner make sure to break fast to increase turning speed, when you turn in a fast speed you lose control, slowing basically down helps heaps. also spinning the tires at the beginning of the race slows you down in time. If you floor it just as the countdown ends taking of will be a bit quicker!

Your First Car

Go to USA and get a chevorlet hemi 300, you can use this for both sunday cup and FR races, enough money for your second car.

Cadallic CIEN '02

If you race in tskuba circuit or the first track or second track on easy in the special conditions arena, you should get a Cadallic CIEN '02 (it is 1/3 courses and you have to race in the normal and reverse). It is a fast car (over 600hp) and you can upgrade it to over 1000hp!

Best Starting Car, Best Start, and Tons of Money

Transfer at least $50,000 to $100,000 from your GT3 A-Spec game. Then, buy a Ford Mustang GT. Tune it up as best as you can, then go to special condition events and enter the second one in special condition events. Complete both races and you get $5,000 from each race. When you get the prize car, sell it. You should get $329,000 more money. Buy a ford GT, upgrade the GT to max and you will go flying and beat any race that you can.

Endurance Races

Once you get 25% in the game you unlock endurance races. Get your best/fastest car and do New York in the endurance place. If you get first you get and extremely good car almost better than an Audi R8. You can sell the prize for about 750,000cr. (Recomendation) Do B-Spec in New York and fast forward if you have a good car.

Easy money and Cars 3

Way to get quick money and get off to a fast start in Gran Turismo 4. When you start off transfer your licenses and 100,000 credits from your GT3 game over to your new GT4 game. After your done with that buy the '05 Mustang and tune it as much as you can with the money you have. Then go to Special Condition Events and then go to the Capri Rally and win both races. You make 5,000 credits a race and when you win both of them you win the Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car, you can sell if for 265,624 credits. You can do this over and over.

Speed up replays, and turn off BGM

To speed up your replays simply press down L3 and to turn off the background music simply press O.

Practice gets you in first

On any race that you enter with an option to "Practice", it is a hidden qualifying round. It is actually a qualifying round for the race that you are entering. Do the practice until you see first place at the top of the screen. Once you see this, quit practice and start the race in either A or B-Spec modes. Your car will start in first place.

Special rims

The "Today's Special Rims" rotate every thirty game days. There are thirty different sets of rims. There are 439 total "Today's Special Rims". If you see a set you like, you will only see them every thirty game days -- buy them while you can.

Easy Boost

For instant boost just hold R1 when in race.

Easy Wins 1

In driving mission 9, as soon as the race starts stay right behind the other NSX and as it is about to brake to turn the corner ram into its back, and slam the brakes on. The opponent will slide off the road onto the sand. Just drive to the finish line!

Second Slipstream Challenge

When you are trying to complete all the driving challenges, here's a quick tip for the second slipstream challenge - you need to stay in fourth gear, as you will lose speed in fifth and not be able to make it - hold down L2 when in fourth to do this.

Change your oil

If you change your oil before driving a new car you gain horsepower. This also works on GT3.

Change your oil

Change your oil with every new car and you get more horsepower (10 / 15 HP). But if you do it when you fully tuned this new car you get even more horsepower (30 / 35 HP).

Recommended Starting Car

If you can't transfer credits from GT3, then pick up the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4WD '92 for the Sunday Cup in the Beginners League.

Easy money and Cars 1

By getting all golds in any particular racing series you will receive a car which you can use and/or sell for a tidy profit.

Easy money and Cars 2

To get more money, build up your car and then beat the Capri race in the Special Conditions section. By doing this you will win a Toyota rally car worth $265,000. Keep racing the race over again and win the car a lot. It is the second race in the Special Conditions section.

Faster replays

Press L3 during a replay.

No replay music

Press Circle during a replay.

Braking and Acceleration License Tests

Don't simply accelerate and brake at the proper time, if you want the silver and gold trophies you need to turn sharply to the left at the last second to stop quicker.

Braking and Acceleration License Tests

Press R3 during most license tests to see the line to follow and when and where to brake/accelerate