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Very Good

Classic gaming at its best!

posted by Molecule1 (WARREN, OH) Sep 21, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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How does one go about reviewing a collection of games that are older than some of the people who will read this? I certainly can't compare the graphics to today's standards. And I can't say that these ports are outdated because they are just that, ports. Ports of games that debuted over 10 years ago. I pretty much can't compare anything about this game with games of today. But all is not lost, for I have played the originals and I can safely compare them to this game.

Way back in 1986, this game was ported over to the NES. I first played this classic side scroll shooter on my NES a couple of years later, and I must say it was good. Compared to the original, the PSP version of the original looks much better with a boost in the rendering and sprite count.
Those of us that have played Gradius III remember how the Vic Viper could choose the individual weapon layout if they didn't like the presets. Unfortunately that feature is sorely missing in the PSP portion. Gradius Gaiden is a bit of a twist in the series with different ships to pilot along with Vic. The graphics look much better in Gaiden compared to the others, but that's a stretch comparison as well.

If you are a fan of the Vic Viper and the series, then chances are you have played these games in the past. All you get here is a small graphical boost and smaller frame rate hiccups. I fear this port will not appeal to anyone that has not played the original games, but I can't change that. This is a classic side scroll shooter that goes toe to toe with other classics like R-Type and holds its own very well in my mind. Fans, buy this game to give you your fix of nostalgia. People that have played one or two titles in the past, rent this to give you a greater understanding of the series. Everyone else, stay away.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Old School Side Scrolling

posted by V0oD0o (WHITING, IN) Jul 31, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

First off, if you're under the age of like 20, don't play this game. It's from a time when you just wouldn't understand gaming. When the NES and SNES reigned supreme and the Konami code was either spoken or used at least once a day by you and all your friends.
That being said, there's nothing to not like about this game. It takes you back to the days of trying to break the indestructible Nintendo controller cause "this game cheats". This game gets harder and harder and even had me questioning whether or not my reflexes have dulled that bad over the years. And the classic old school slow down due to too many things on the screen at once isn't annoying really if you've been there before, but it does make you appreciate how far games have come. If you're looking for a road trip game or rainy day flash back, pick this one up. But like I said, if you prefer beautiful environments and stunning graphics over almost aneurysm causing difficulty at times, stay away.

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GF Rating


5 is all we need....

posted by greeneman (AUSTIN, TX) Jun 10, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

3 out of 14 gamers (21%) found this review helpful

....the other 4, plus Gaiden is junk. The graphics are out dated, the gameplay subpar and you can only play one player. All we need is 5, as in Gradius 5 (which I own on PS2 and love), which in my humble opinion is the perfect shooter next to R-type final. With 5 you can play 2 players simultaneously, the graphics are outstanding and when you die you can retrieve your options. The Gradius Collection is pure disappointment wrap in a pretty little package. Enough said.

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