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posted by Indi (JOHNSON CITY, TN) Feb 14, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

Take everything you loved about Goldeneye 64, make it newer, shinier, nothing like you remember it, then drop a deuce on it.

This game has no feel at all. There is little to no rumble in the controller for ANYTHING that happens. The guns are practically the same as original Goldeneye. Meaning there was no licensing hunted down for anything other than Bond's signature gun. So all the guns are the same as they would be in games like MW3 or BF3 but with made up names and slight changes so they don't fall into copyright laws.

The guns have no feel to them at all. No recoil. No sway. It's like playing the original but now days this is not acceptable or awesome.

They updated the story line of the movie/original game. It makes no sense at all now and all the characters you loved have been replaced by jokes of a updated modern verison so Daniel Craig looks better than ever next to these steamers.

The difficulty levels are joke. I played through on 007 mode my first time without a problem. The only part that sucks is that there is no damage indicators. Your screen gets slightly bloody if you're about to die. That's about it. You have no sense for the danger your in or the cover your behind. Since cover is a joke. As well as the cover/fire system. YOU CAN NOT CROUCH AND AIM at the same time. AT ALL. you "pop" up out of cover to fire then return to being crouched. Which throws the cover completely out of whack since the guards have dead on, hacker style aiming. Since there is no feel for taking damage or being fired at you will never know when you are about to die. Many times you simply get one shotted by a rocket or sniper hiding as a spec in the distance and never know they were there.

The last straw for me was the famous tank chase was replaced with a cookie cutter city. Which apparently all of russia is still under construction for some reason because the entire country's budget was spent on helicopters and RPG soliders to chase one man.


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GF Rating

Very Good

No online pass good shooter

posted by bblack300 (LAFAYETTE, IN) Nov 5, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

i thought this 1st person shooter almost held its ground to the great titles that are out right now, and for once u can play all the online modes which are pretty good for free. NO ONLINE PASS , nice to see there are still companies doing their online duties for no extra charge

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GF Rating

Really Bad

this game ist really that awesome its lame.......

posted by vadic06 (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Feb 17, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

this game ist that awesome because for one i figured it would be more spy feeling type of game instead its exactly like mw3 like for one this games like a rip off its the same guns from mw3 and call of duty black ops! like jeez if your going to make a game thats fun and more spyish if u know what i mean. a waste of time to make like the wii version was better. but serously dont get this game its a waste of time and money unless if your a giant call of duty fan. which im really not.

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