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A Decent Rental, Don't Pay $60+ For it

posted by vaquest (CYPRESS, TX) Nov 25, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

What you get with Reloaded is a re imagining of not only the original N64 Game but the original Goldeneye Film. However, this 5-6 Hour FPS (to me) comes off as slightly 'Me Too'. The running joke was that this game was Call of Duty with a James Bond twist and that couldn't be any more accurate. The default control scheme is eerily similar. A slow motion breach, vaulting over cover, and some less than stellar quick time events, this could have been called COD: 007 (just don't expect anything memorable). I would say the only difference is that stealth is really encouraged here (though often times not required).

Enemy AI is dodgy at best. Often times, enemies will literally run towards you in an attempt to find cover never realizing that they're exposing themselves to gunfire. I would say the challenge with this game isn't necessarily enemy intelligence but being overwhelmed by several baddies. Of course, enemies spawn until you trip that magical wire on a map that forces the game to stop vomiting bullet bait which can be somewhat problematic in a later level of the game where cover is sparse.

For Bond fans, the story has been updated accordingly while retaining the core of what made Goldeneye a great film. If you go into this game knowing that it's a slightly different take on the '95 film, you'll be all the better for it. If you walk in expecting an update to the original N64 game, change your expectations quick.

Graphics are a step up from the Wii version (running at 60 FPS) however there was some noticeable pop up and inconsistent textures. Character models looked beautiful but the environments were rather drab at times.

I had a chance to play MI6 Ops (this game's take on MW's spec ops mode) and the AI was considerably dumber than the single player campaign for some bizarre reason. Multiplayer was certainly fun but suffers from lag often and some weapons didn't feel balanced enough.

It's worth a rental, definitely. Anything beyond that? Probably n

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GF Rating


Offline Modes ONLY

posted by GrayBoy256 (KERNERSVILLE, NC) Nov 23, 2011

Member since Nov 2006

This game is very decent. Its definitively worth a rental at least. This single player is very bond like by remaking the movie scenes in its own way. The splitscreen mode is excellent, several characters are playable from the bond franchise, and up to five specialized weapon loadouts. The online mode is broken, with lags, slowdown, and cheap spawn kills. Great for a weekend, or if you have friends over often. A very well decent 7 out of 10.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Worth A Rental, But Don't Expect Too Much

posted by G5Xeon (WOODLAND, CA) Nov 9, 2011

Member since Oct 2004

Gameplay is entertaining but dated, graphics are acceptable but did feel dated as well. Typically linear in play with some minor glitches here and there.

Did not play anything but single player so I cannot comment on anything there. As the title says, worth a rental, but personally not a keeper for me. It was overall a fun diversion but temporary.

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