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Very Good

Aww yeah

posted by Jtskr2003 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Apr 4, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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This is a very good game, but some of the things I don't like about it is how the characters and their reputations are slighty alternated. One example is that Valentine Zukofsky is a young, skinny, and short guy, when in the movie and old game he is a fat, gritty, and tougher guy which made him seem more like a russian mafiya boss. The history between Bond and Valentine in the game is that Bond gave him a scar on his cheek when in the movie he had a limp on his right leg. SPOILER ALERT! Valentine is killed by Xenia Onnatop when Valentine is killed by Electra in The World is not Enough. So if they were to remake the world is not enough , how would they do it? If you read this review and it makes you mad, don't listen to what I said, just play the game, its alot of fun but still doesn't top the original. The original brought a lot of inspiration to the shooters we now have today, so enjoy the game.

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Just forget about the original

posted by DanNaruto1 (CHANNAHON, IL) Feb 18, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

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GoldeneEye 007 is just fun. It isn’t going to compete graphically with the other consoles’ FPSs, but it works with what it has. The gameplay is interesting on the Wii, and once you get the hang of it, fun and original. It probably won’t win over the non-Wii fans, but it might bring a few new people into the Nintendo fold.

Despite some painfully dumb enemy AI, the campaign is worth your time, especially since it won’t take long, and the multiplayer split-screen is a blast — both in the actual gamepley and the nostalgic feelings it will illicit.

Overall, GoldenEye 007 does the name proud. It doesn’t have the innovation to elevate it to the level that the original did, but it doesn’t do it a disservice, either. If you can round up three others for a split-screen battle, you could easily lose several hours to the game. A good reboot of a classic game, and a must have for the FPS starved fans on the Wii

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posted by Chanda (CHICAGO, IL) Feb 11, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

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