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killing time

posted by fonzy101 (FREDERICK, MD) Jul 16, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

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The story line is great and takes about a couple of days. But once you beat it you are done, if you have online you can play that for a little while but after that send it back. Splitscreen is ok but is not very promising. It is a good game to rent but not to buy.

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James Bond will Die Another Day in the games world

posted by TheWiiReviewer (WASHINGTON, MO) Jul 5, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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First Impressions:

When I rented this, I was rather worried this would be Callofdutyeye : 007 due to the fact that almost everyone was saying that. Boy, was I wrong.

First off, the graphics.

The graphics look great for the Wii - The models are improved, and peoples heads actually look ROUND (Not that I had any problems with the original N64 square heads) and the worlds and SFX are amazing. It feels like it's HD.

Overall, graphics get a 9.

Next is sound

This game sounds MUCH, MUCH, different from the N64 gem. Occasionally you will hear the classic sound of pistol bullets going "ping!" flying by you. Anytime I heard this I smiled and thought of the original Goldeneye 007.

Sound gets a 8.

Gameplay is next

This game is able to modernize some things, while still keeping that classic Bond charm. The "PROTECT NATALYA" missions return, and she is annoying as ever. When you aren't in a tank, releasing a homing missile onto a helicopter and so on, you are SHOOTING EVERYONE with a wide assortment of guns, such as powerful assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and of course the P99. It's all great fun.

Gameplay gets a 9

Overall, this game gets a GREAT 9.

This has been a review of Goldeneye. Please check out my other soon to come reviews of other Bond games and Call of Duty games. Hope you enjoyed the review. Bye.

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007 is awesome!!!!

posted by flames297 (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Jun 24, 2011

Member since Sep 2006

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this game is really awesome the guns are cool but the graphics are lame but i love this game i would buy it greatest wii game ever!!!

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