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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat Tret

If you can use magic enough with Isaac and Garet, you will get Spire (for Isaac) and Volcano (for Garet). Use Flint with Isaac, Volcano with Garet, and Ray with Ivan, then do the same thing but instead of Flint, use Venus with Isaac. Then, when Flint is recovering, use Spire. Keep using this method and it should only take a few turns.

How to beat the thieves

To defeat the thieves in Vault, use your Djnii and Psynergy frequently. Have herbs, etc. handy before the battle. Keep an eye on Ivan's HP.

Disciple class

To make Isaac a Disciple, give him one Earth, four Fire, and four Wind Djinni. He will learn a move called Death Leap if you are at a decent level (about level 40). It usually takes about 460 from most easy enemies. Disciples can be quite useful throughout the game because they have a mix of Psynergy.

Two player battle mode

If you are battling a friend, the right-most character will be excluded because you can only battle with three characters. When you open your Status menu, press L or R when a character is highlighted and it will switch them around. Put your weakest character on the right to get an advantage over your friend.


When you are in a battle with monsters, you have about an 85% chance of escaping if you select "Flee" immediately. This helps if you are on a mission.

Send option

Hold L + R + Left and press B at the black menu screen with the logo. A new option called "Send" will appear. Select it to get a "Password" or "Link" option. This is for sending data to Golden Sun 2 and only works if you have a cleared data in your save files.


Cast the water Psynergy "Douse" in the snowy northern town of Imil. The game does not show the usual dousing water spell. Instead, it shows frozen snowflakes falling from the sky.

Mercury Lighthouse

To finish Mercury Lighthouse, you must have Mia on your team. To get to the top of the lighthouse stand in the hands of the goddess and use Mia's Ply. This allows you to walk on water on selected squares. Once you have completed the puzzles, you will fight Satarous.

How to beat the Fusion Dragon

The Fusion Dragon is weak against water and has 5,200 to 5,300 HP.

How to beat Saturos in the Mercury Tower

Since Saturos is a fire adept, use Mia's two Dijnii frequently. Also, watch Ivan and Garet's HP.

How to beat Saturos or Menardi

Saturos is weak against Water and has 3,000 HP

Spiked Armor

After defeating a lot of monsters in Venus Light House you will get this item. It will increase your attack power.

Turtle Boots

When you get through the Barricade, there is a small island with a bridge up near it. There are some woods there. Press A and Isaac will search. Keep pressing A until you find the Turtle Boots.

Unicorn Ring

Defeat a great number of monsters in Venus Light House . This item is used to remove poison from a party member.

Zodiak Wand

The Zodiak Wand is sometimes dropped by monsters in the Venus Lighthouse. The Zodiak Wand unleashes Shining Star.

Cheap weapons

If you enter a new town, always buy the cheap weapons first. Even though they may not seem strong, they are good enough to help you get to the next town, village, cave, etc. This is a good way to not spend as much money.

Tempest Lizard

After you return from fighting Dead Beard on Cross Bone Isle. Use the Red Tornado to warp to Suhulla. Then, go back to the desert and the Red Tornado should be back. This time use Douse and instead of a Tornado Lizard, the Tempest Lizard will appear.

Feathered Robe

Use Wind Djinni on the Grand Golems to kill them. Sometimes you will get a Feathered Robe, but the odds of getting it is low. It is Mia's best armor.

Gaia Blade

The best weapon is the Gaia Blade, with an attack of 135 and value of 17,000. It is a long sword and is available to Issac and Garet. It unleashes Titan Blade and increases Earth Power and Resistance +20. It can be found in a chest in the Venus Lighthouse.

Game Tickets

Buy items from either Item Shops, Weapon Shops, or Armor Shops. You can get about four Tickets from each Shop in each Town.

Giant Axe

If you destroy an Earth Golem with a Wind Djinni, you will have a slight chance of obtaining the Giant Axe. It is very rare, but your attack rises by +115 and it unleashes Meltdown.


To get Ivan's ultimate weapon, the Kikuichimonji, go to Venus Lighthouse and start killing Fenrirs. The Kikuichimonji drops rarely off of them. Just keep fighting and killing them until that happens.

Lucky Medals

Throughout the game, search gravestones. Usually you will find Lucky Medals.

Easy money

Before you enter the portal in Sol Santum at the start of the game, take all of Jenna's items and sell them.

Altmiller Cave

When you get to the bottom floor where you have to turn the stones in sequence, use Reveal to see the stones in color. You do not have to memorize the sequence. This is also useful if you want to just walk by Babi, without listening to his long speech.


When you get to the barricade look to the left to see a box taller than Isaac. Use your Psyenergy to move it.

Aura Gloves

Defeat the Manticores in the Suhalla Desert to receive the Aura Gloves that boost elemental resistance.

Blessed Mace

To get the Blessed Mace, defeat a Thunder Lizard (found in the Venus Lighthouse) with an Earth Djnni. It is an artifact that can be used to restore 200 HP . Its attack is 126 and is the best un-cursed weapon for Mia.

Demon Mail

The best armor is the Demon Mail, with a defense of 50 and value of 17,000. It is available to Issac and Garet. It has Wind Resistance -10 and is a cursed item. It can be found in a chest in the Crossbone Isle Cave.

Faster dialogue

To speed up long speeches, keep pressing the L + R.

Sleep mode

To enter sleep mode quickly, press L + R.

Rename characters

When prompted to enter a new name for Robin, press Select(3). Enter a new name for Robin, and you can now enter a new name for Gerald, Ivan, and Mary. Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Select to enter new names for the remaining characters if playing a non-linked game. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Rename characters

To rename people other than Isaac, before choosing "End" to name Isaac, press Select(2). Then, choose "End" and you can also name Garret, Ivan, and Mia.

Teleport to sanctum in previous town

When you first start your game go to "Continue". When you select your file, hold L + R + Start + Select to be transported to the sanctum in the last town you visited.


Use your Psyenergy wisely. You should not just use your Psyenergy at any time, because you will quickly run out. You should only use it when needed or when it will stop you from receiving considerable damage.