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Golden Sun

posted by RobertMJR (HENDERSON, NV) Jan 1, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

I played the original Golden Sun and loved it years and years ago. I wanted to give this one a try out of nostalgia. Theres a number of reasons why I might have absolutely hated this game. First is that I simply did not at all feel like I was playing the original game. Perhaps the only way to get that old feel is to play the actual original. This just didn't feel like the Golden Sun I once knew. Some games just shouldn't go 3D and this is one of them.

Second reason could be that I just grew out of it. The story and script seemed poorly written and very childish. I found myself rolling my eyes and button mashing my way through the dialogue. The only way I could sum my thoughts the whole time I started the game was "shut up shut up shut up I don't care shut up this is stupid shut up."

Third reason is a bit biased but its that I just don't care for RPGs. I never did but the original one was just a kick for me back in the day. Like I said though, this felt nothing like the original. RPGs are just unbelievably boring and not very interactive to me. It astounds me that anyone can actually be entertained by this game (or any RPG for that matter).

Sorry Dark Dawn but you let me down. I though I put you last on my gameq anyway.

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Really Bad

Lost Interest

posted by asaladin (WOODSVILLE, NH) May 23, 2011

Member since May 2011

I lost interest after the start the game became a lot more simple for the next few hours of it its just walk press "A" walk press "A". it also had the longest starting part ever i started playing another game and beat a level with one hand as i used the other to press a to get through the intro talk overall it started boring got fun and became boring again. not a good game for me.

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Hated it!!!

posted by Megafan200 (INEZ, KY) Apr 24, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

I love the golden sun series but i couldnt even play the beginning it was so bad my main problem was the graphics why? because the are horrible this game came out in 2010 ds games like sm64DS and others like Prime:hunters were out their grapics werent great but the were good soo when i was playing this i was expecting something good. another problem is the choice system i found it confusing in the first games you had a simple yes or no in this game you have to respond to a situation wich is hard when there is alot of text that you will probaly skip over so i barley knew what to choose. but i do have to give camalot credit for making the battle system great and have returning charters in game.

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