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Golden Axe: Beast Rider Review

posted by VampireJoe (PAW PAW, MI) Jan 22, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Golden Axe tries to bring back the memories but fails to deliver the same quality as the other Golden Axe games. You play as Tyris, there is also other characters that make guest appearances. The combat is just bland and uninteresting. The game just doesn't feel like it lives up to it's past. The game runs nice though and the graphics aren't that bad for a 2008 video game. The game is not that bad it just doesn't feel like the same.

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Does almost everything badly, the rest is mediocre

posted by ReviewerA (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Sep 6, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

The main draw of the original Golden Axe was the magic, walking through the arcade you were drawn to the game by watching the awesome screen filling magic spells with huge sprites. The game had a lot of other cool things going on too. Now pretty much everything about this new game sucks. The magic is as weak as it is boring to look at, a fireball from your sword whoopdeedooo that's the default attack in the first Legend of Zelda. So the draw in this game is supposed to be beast riding, but the beasts are little more than elaborate keys and they're not that fun to ride just slow and weak. Get rid of the beasts and put in Axe Battler and Thunderhead. Even just technically this game sucks, tons of slow down, often no dynamic lighting, and some other stuff that I can't remember since playing it. The animation of the enemies isn't good enough for a parry system, compare it to Demon's Souls, fighting a group of enemies can look cool but it isn't worth the effort to learn. Can't hear the sound effects a lot, there are these statues that blow tornado force winds they sound like "toot, toot". Enemy designs, and all the designs in general aren't that impressive, even though they had lots of cool things to riff off of from the originals. I quit playing soon after fighting the first boss, a Goro wannabe.

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Nice try...but...not quite

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Sep 7, 2010

Member since May 2010

The truth is I didn't much care for the original golden axe series,
but it seems like some minor improvements have been made, still it would have been nice if the world were a bit more open. It is a shame that this seems to be done with a half hearted effort. seems like this game is a god of war clone, but is trying to hide it. i don't blame the game for trying to hide that aspect of the game, because every god of war clone I play is always trying to tell me how to play. I hate button pressing sequences this game tries realy hard to avoid it but sadly it ends up still telling you what you have to do. This game could have tried to be more open ended at least! Here's an idea get yourself elder scrolls: oblivion, then make yourself a blonde nord chick, and give her a long sword, a pair of nice boots and some fire magic, and presto! You have a manifestaion of Tyris Flare! Only thing missing is the various mounts, but with all the walking you'll be doing in this game I don't think you will miss them that much. Well, i suppose you could base this game on a series of circumstances, for instance if you like brawlers, have a big collection of games that you are about to finish, and see this game on the cheap, or preferably if you rented it and like it then it isn't a terrible game to own, but otherwise.... Sorry Sega has a way to go before they hit the big time! Sega...I keep imagining a man getting sucked through a narrow tube screaming hitting a blue blob of paint and comes out a hedgehog whenever I hear that name of Sega. Oh well!

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