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False Advertising

posted by roguemutt (STERLING HEIGHTS, MI) Apr 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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First, I don't know why it says you need the balance board. At least for the beginning dances and such you don't need it. The only thing I saw that it did ask for it was the bull riding minigame.

Mostly you just use the remote, which is the big mistake. Basically you can sit in your easy chair, shake the remote around and it'll tell you you're doing a great job and burning calories. Seriously? Come on, that's really lame. Like most of the Wii Fit Plus, there's nothing to stop you from slacking off or to tell you you're doing the exercise wrong. In other words, it's no better than an old Richard Simmons or Billy Blanks videotape and those are a lot cheaper. Ridiculous.

I'm just glad I didn't really pay anything for this pathetic game.

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Decent, but not Great

posted by nbsptt (AFTON, WY) Mar 2, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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I am a big review reader and have learned to pick out a good review from a bad one, but unfortunately I didn't do it on this game. A number of reviews and even the game description make it sound like having two remotes to play this game makes game play better and makes the game respond more. NOT TRUE!
I bought this game for the exercise but I also enjoy the mini games in exercise games like the Wii Fit Plus. Review made the mini games sound fun. I tried the canoeing game with the balance board and I could not get the avatar to respond at all like I was rowing. I tried and tried and tried and it almost always did the opposite thing. There is a game where you run a marathon and you are running away from a lion. In order for it to work and me not get eaten by a lion, I literally had to swing my arms up and down as fast as I could. It didn't simulate running at all, atleast I don't know anyone that runs with their arms going up and down 100mph.
The good is there are boxing exercises that work pretty good. They are a good workout and follow your movements pretty good. The dancing is hard to get the rythym but the response is good.
BOTTOM LINE: If you want fun mini games-don't buy/rent this game. If you want a workout-the dancing and boxing is pretty good and a decent workout.

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posted by quitabone (TEMPLE TERRACE, FL) Aug 27, 2010

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I like the concept of the game, but I feel that they should have had a wider variety of songs and dances.

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