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Everyone's favorite, gigantic, radioactive lizard is back in a movie that finally gives Godzilla fans what they've wanted from the franchise for decades. While the effects are state-of-the-art for 2014, director Gareth Edwards takes Godzilla back to its roots. He keeps the vibe, pacing, and tone of the original Japanese series, but jettisons the dude-in-a-rubber-suit monster that looks so fake. In its place, we get the most convincing, scary, humongous Godzilla in film history. Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston turns in an unforgettable performance as a wild-eyed obsessive digging to the bottom of a massive government cover-up, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays his heroic (but skeptical) son. The plot is interesting enough, but the real point of the movie is the climax, in which massive monsters level a city while battling to the death. Godzilla delivers.