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Godzilla Unleashed

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Also on:DS, PS2
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posted by kingkool (LARCHMONT, NY) Aug 11, 2008

Member since May 2008

Don't get this game. Its stupid, its frusstrating. Don't get this period.

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posted by SavajHandz (CELINA, TX) Aug 6, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

Being a fan of the King of Monsters makes me want to love this game as much as possible. But with the horrible and repetitive game play, revolting voice acting and more glitches than there are japanese yelling godzilla, i find myself trying to forget that i ever played this. If you're a fan too of giant monsters, you might like this somewhat but otherwise stay away.
The good first:
Alright, so there are many new monsters included when you compare to the Game cube godzilla. It's actually quite delightful to see 23 monsters in the roster. When destroying buildings they now cave in where you hit them, not just the height at which you hit. Ok, done already with the good.
First off, there aren't many moves that each character can make. The entire Dpad is left out and the moves that are given take too long to perform. A lot of the time you'll find yourself punching and missing by the length of a godzilla tooth! This gets VERY irritating. Also the smaller monsters are hard to hit as usually only your kicking attacks aim that low. Not being able to hit your enemy when you are so close that you're moving their model is a disgrace to all fighting games. Plus when you perform a beam attack, they end up shooting at nothing-ness! Not only that, but when you DO hit them, they can just walk straight up and knock you down. All the beam does is push them back and take some health away. In the game cube version the beam would knock the opponent down and they could aim where they want to shoot with ease. Here their heads flail in the air and hit just about everything before you manage to hit your target, and by then you've already wasted so much energy. They SHOULD have kept the old way and just modified it a little. But no.
Graphics aren't that great and the story isn't a story at all. The story mode is very repetitive. All in all, the game was put together poorly and I'm very grateful i didn't buy it. Hopefully Godzilla will get a good game someday...

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not as fun as crushing toy buildings

posted by jojonyc (LONG ISLAND CITY, NY) Aug 6, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

This game does a decent job of putting you in the shoes of Godzilla. The thing is, those shoes are very difficult to maneuver using motion controls. The controls are sort of intuitive but are sketchy, and half the time you think you did it right and wonder why it didn't work.

It's a good idea but sloppy execution.

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