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GF Rating


Could have been so much more.

posted by jakegator (GAINESVILLE, FL) Apr 11, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

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This is a real review from someone who has actually played the whole game. The beginning is quite promising. Things look sleeker and the interface has been completely redone. If you have been following the development of this game you will know about some of the cool features advertised. Well, all of those features are included, but they don't live up to the hype.
There is no strategy in this game. Most families attack one at a time, and never do that much damage. Where there was a good storyline in the first game the second is quite lacking. You don't care about the characters at all. Also the lack of story mission is disappointing. Most of the game is the the same thing. Go take racket x, send capo to defend racket y. It gets very boring very quickly. Most of the nuances are useless. Crime rings are interesting, but they aren't necessary. Killing made men can be helpful, but it's just as easy to kill them when you take the family's compound.
All in all the Godfather II showed great potential. But the lack of gameplay and sense that everything was unfinished, graphics especially, translated into a game that dissapoints. As much as I wanted this game to be good (and I really did) it came up very short.

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GF Rating


godfather 2

posted by jamiethorn (LITTLE EGG HARBOR TWP, NJ) Dec 15, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Although an easy platinum, it's repetitive gameplay was almost too much to deal with. The story was so uninteresting I don't remember much about it other than "I'll show you who's boss" idealogy just days after completing the game.

The game is also plagued by graphically issues and some technical issues causing me on one occasion to commit suicide to get out of a glitched situation that had me stuck inside a car standing up after being blown back by an explosion.

The controls for the game worked well enough, otherwise I would have not continued on to platinum.

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GF Rating


Good (Not Great) Game

posted by PS3Master7 (BOCA RATON, FL) Nov 26, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I never rented this game from gamefly. I bought it with my PS3. The story starts in the 1950's. You play a character named Dominic. You are at a party in Cuba when suddenly Castro's reveloution starts. Aldo, the character played in the 1st Godfather game, is shot and killed while trying to escape with Michael, Fredo, and Dominic Corleone. Dominic is then sworn in as don. From there, you build up your family and take over businness's. You go from New York City to Florida and finally back to Cuba. The storyline and gameplay is AMAZING! Two things really frustrate me and make me lower this game's rating. One, you have to be at 3,000,000 places at once. You have to make sure the other families don't take over your bussiness's. You finally send all your gang, then a message comes saying someone is taking over your bussiness. NOOO!!! Second, a lot of glitches. I was killed by a shotgun and I flew INTO the wall. The medic couldn't revive me, so I had to start all over again. Overall, this game is good.

The Good
Great Storyline
Fun Free Roam
Cool Cars
Very Detailed Locations

The Bad
Repetitive Gameplay
Dull Diolouge

The Ugly
Annoying Glitches
Handling Your Bussinisses SUCKS

Rating: 7:6

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