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Very Good

A must play for any GoW fan.

posted by Ascalon (LEWISVILLE, TX) Feb 18, 2013

Member since Dec 2006

My inital expectations for this collection bundle were pretty low, i thought it would just be two throwaway spin offs that i would forget about shortly after playing them, turns out i was half right and half wrong.

Let's start with Chains of Olympus:

It starts off very slow and if you've played the 3 console versions of the series you'd recongize that it's VERY barebones. The dialogue in the first couple hours is lackluster, just your generic Kratos rage, but i happen to love the tried and true combat formula so i stuck with it. It picks up during the middle of the game, introducing the all the puzzles and difficult combat rooms that you come to expect from the series. The real treat lies at the end of the game, a nice insight into Kratos' past and softer, more vunerable side. Overall it's passable, if you're a die hard God of War fan or just extremely hungry to play a action/adventure game then you'll find some enjoyment in this.


Now for the main event, God of war: Ghost of Sparta:

Right from the start, you'll notice a complete jump in quality in graphics and presentation from GoW:CoO. This is probably largely due to the devs having more experience with the PSP hardware and them being able to squeeze every last inch of juice of it out to put it on par with the ps2 games. It's more ambitious in it's gameplay and in it's storytelling, which i believe to be the gold standard for the series so far. Kratos is on the hunt for his brother Deimos, and will do anything and kill everything in his path to find him. You gain more insight into Kratos' childhood and they manage to flesh out Kratos's personality a lot more. You gain a lot of cool magic abilites which are easy to use and allow you to pull off lengthy combos, and overall the puzzles and environments are epic and satisfying.

If there's one God of War game you should play in this collection, it's definitely this one. 9/10, it may even be the best game of the series, which is shocking to say.

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GF Rating



posted by Dunkthemonk (DAYTON, OH) Feb 15, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

this is one of those games that keep you playing for hours. i had so much fun with this game and the best part is after i beat the first one i already had the second one on the same disk. i would highly recommend this game to a friend.

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GF Rating


Good game

posted by xrgamer (INDIO, CA) Jan 10, 2013

Member since May 2012

when i first got this game i knew itg originally came out for the psp so my expectations wernt that high yet yould expect that the camera would be fixed :(. wth the bad camera i almost rage quited a few times yet i pushed on through and was amazed by the decent story the first game was good but ghost of sparta had a nicer story. the combat was as fluid as any god of war game i reccomend this game as a rent.

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