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Better than 95% of 'new' games

posted by Ichiban (SAN JOSE, CA) Oct 7, 2011

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I played these on PSP when they came out on there, and that system didn't really show just how good these games are - this is brought to life on PS3 - sure they don't look as good as GOW3, but that isn't really the point. Both excellent games, with the improvements in Ghost over Chains being comparable to the improvement made from GOW2 over GOW1 (unfair to put the PS3 exclusive GOW3 into this mix). Chains is a short game, a competent player should be able to walk through in ~5 hours (similar in length to Limbo, if you've played that - and you should). Ghost is longer, I think, but I got stuck forever in a unfairly tough mid game boss battle (not to give too much away, it was for the birds...). But combined together, you basically get as much content as a full GOW game.

Gameplay is essentially the same as per other games in the series, complete with mini-game deaths of mythical creatures, amazing spots that someone obviously spent ages crafting, only for you to walk through in 20 seconds... it's really amazing to think these were handheld games. Can't wait for Vita... :)

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god of awesomeness

posted by olvidate1 (ALAMEDA, CA) Nov 17, 2011

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These games are just too good to pass up.The combat, the gameplay,the story, and the extras.If you are a fan you must play these two.And after that play #2 so you kill them sisters of fate again.Serves them right.

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Above Average

Okay, but falls short for the God of War

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Apr 17, 2012

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"Origins" collects the two PSP titles of the franchise, "Chains of Olympus" and "Ghost of Sparta", gives them the HD makeover and puts them on one disc to play on your TV screen. Sadly, there's nothing very impressive here to make these really more than a rental. Both titles have the stellar voice acting that has been a mainstay of the series, and that's really the best thing to be said. Graphics look worse on CoO than GoS, but they're not bad, just not up to series standards. Gameplay is pretty much standard GoW fare, with the standard Kratos weaponry which can be upgraded, as always, through the collection of red orbs. Controls haven't changed from the numbered games, and they come with both the good and the bad from the numbered titles of the series. CoO has the weaker of the two stories, with GoS being a bit stronger and more compelling due to its more personal nature. Neither game is very long- about 5 hours each should get you through if you so desire to finish. You can't switch between games without fully quitting though, so keep that in mind if you wish to jump between titles. Though GoS is the better of the two, poor save point placement and some cheap deaths can lead to more frustration than fun. Which is a shame. Unless you're a die-hard God of War fan, you can pass on purchasing this. A rental should be fine to satisfy your curiosity.

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