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posted by blazer8487 (JONESTOWN, PA) Mar 17, 2010

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i am not one to usually give any game a 10 outa 10 but this game i would give an 11. this game is stunning. it plays great, looks great.

story - without ruining it for anyone, lets just say you will be hanging on the edge of your seat for the entire ride.

sound effects / voice acting - again spot on, really makes you feel immersed in the game, and who doesn't like hearing kratos talk?

visual - stunning, everything looks polished and realistic, gore is awesome, decapitations look awesome,

controls - a more polished version of the previous games, a hack and slasher, but some how never becomes boring

weapons- plentiful, all the weapons from the second one plus some kick butt additions

enemy's- Greek mythology at its finest, all the gods and heroes you haven't all ready killed are fair game in this one

i highly recommend this game, i do think you should play the first to so you understand the story, but if you just wanna jump into it you'll still have fun slashing through enemy's

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posted by Kaosism (FORT HOOD, TX) Oct 8, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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Outstanding game. Great way to finish the Trilogy.

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Short,Bloody and fun!

posted by JQuintero (AURORA, CO) Jul 21, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

1.Story: 8
Well if you never played God Of War all three games are all about revenge (period). Not much of a story, but the game play is epic! This game takes place in ancient Greece, your obviously the God of War (Kratos) and your out to take revenge on Zeus. Kratos gets betrayed so many times through out the whole game series it's only right for him to kill every thing in revenge. So yes theirs tons of yelling out Gods names which gets very annoying. Not a great story, but wont stop anyone from playing!

2.Game Play: 10
The game play is simply "EPIC" (like I've been saying)! Tearing your enemies to shreds, breaking backs, ripping there heads off, and extremely bloody and fun to watch finishers isn't enough for you to call the game play epic then just stick to playing Ratchet and Clank (which is also a fun game). The controls are easy to understand and very addictive, and the classic finishers provided here are just amazing. The puzzles here aren't much of a challenge, but there fun. Now to end this off, SOME of the boss fights are amazing especially when you fight the titan (wont say any more).

3.Graphics: 9
The graphics in this game are great! I play all my games in HD and this game really brought it! The surroundings look amazing and the characters are also very detailed. So watching Kartos wrestle a minotaur down before shoving his Blades of Exile in its throat looked amazing. There were also some flaws like in some areas there would be a couple of objects that looked fuzzy or when the camera paned out and object in the background would fuzz up to the point it looks distorted and every thing else back there would be fine. Over all same of the best graphics I've seen.

4.Sound: 8.5
The music and sound in this game is great, but not the best. The Dialogue is very short and boring (plus theirs tons of annoying yells).Over all music puts you in the mood and the enemies sounds are believable.

Over all this game is a 8.5, but a 9 wont hurt! Hope this helps!

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