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God of War II


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High Definition Mode

Press L1,L2,L3, circle and square simultaneously any time before "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" screen.

easy way to defeat you enemies.

you will get a babarian hammer .upgrade it to LV3 (max level). press L1 + 0. souls will come out of your hammer and attack you enemies . but be careful it takes time to can tap your right analog stick to summon more atleast 5 .useful for many enemies. press L1 + square to start spinning around good for huge enemies like those bulls,cyclops. sprear of destiny for enemise who are fast and a bit tough .just use triangle key. athena's blades for 4to 6 enemies press L1 +square. use L1 +trianglefor strong enemies(very powreful)but slow

How to defeat Theseus

During your battle with Theseus, he will summons creatures to attack you while on the roof. You should lead the creatures around and wait until he summons ice pillars to crush you. You should then roll to avoid the ice pillars and the beast wil get caught under them crushing them.