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Gods Of War Collection

posted by MickGIS (CENTENNIAL, CO) Sep 23, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

6 out of 14 gamers (43%) found this review helpful

I tried again with this kind of game because it had a lot of fans, if you like this type of game the graphics are pretty good as is the sound. But I guess it is just not for me I found it very repetitive and boring.

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god of war

posted by VTepes (BETHPAGE, NY) Aug 10, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

1 out of 5 gamers (20%) found this review helpful

Wow how did this game ever become so popular? It has one of the worst fighting mechanics I have ever seen. For starters why was time wasted with a block button if its useless? Your enemies can counter evory single one of your moves. They can hit you right out of a combo or move in addition to grabing you right out of a move and throw out of bounds to an instant death. (which is great fun on the challange of the gods side quest) As far as the story line goes its great. I mean who didn't like the original Clash of The Titans, or Zena Worrior Princes. Kratos has the agity of a slug even Zena's side kick whats her name would kick the snot out of Kratos. On the plus side there is. Ok so there realy is no plus side. I can only hope that the second one improves on all the short commings of thr first god of war.

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Not as good as you might think...

posted by TCub88 (OLMSTED FALLS, OH) Mar 4, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

7 out of 18 gamers (39%) found this review helpful

I've heard a lot of good things about this game and figured to give it a try, especially considering God Of War 3 is coming out soon. I have a few friends who were playing through this themselves and they highly recommended it. While I'm not a fan of this style of game, I figured I could at least get a little bit of fun out of it... Wrong.

I'll start with the cons... The fighting gameplay is button mashing galore.. I feel as though I'm not really doing anything. There's no thought at all, it's just mindless mashing. When you're not mashing the square and triangle buttons, you're trying to solve difficult puzzles in poorly designed levels. The level design in this game is horrendous. You're going back and forth, getting confused by multiple baths, and there are either absolutely none to a rare but incredibly vague clue as to where to go next. The game seems to have been made without consideration for the player. Sometimes you have to fight 'X' amount of monsters before a door opens other times you'll find yourself in what would appear to be a similar situation until you realize theres a button that needs pressed, etc.

I can't really comment on the graphics and sound as this is a rema... ahem.. repackaging of a PS2 game.

You'd think at least the story could save this disaster.. but it can't. The story is boring and the storytelling is downright terrible.

If you don't mind reading a GameFaqs guide while you play, you may make it through the game.. if not...

Save yourself some time and frustration.. avoid this game!

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