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This is a FANTASTIC game!

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Mar 8, 2008

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I was totally blown away at how good GoW:CoO was. The story was top of the line, the gameplay was the best so far in the series, and the weapons and upgrades where very cool and useful. Lets start with the Story. GoW:CoO starts before GOd Of War 1 and ends EXACTLY where the first one started (youll know what i mean when you beat it). The Sun God Helios falls out of the sky and Morpheos (god of Dreams) tries to take over the earth. You have to venture through Helios' Chariot (which is ALOT bigger than any old temple ive seen) and The River of Styx, Hades, Tatarus and Persephone's domain. The game answers some unanswered questions from other GoW games. The gameplay is top noch here. Every move is useful, and all magic and Weapons are excellent. You only get one extra weapon in the whole game, but its pretty much the coolest and most useful weapon in God Of War history next to the Blades of Chaos. Its super powerful and just real chaotic. Magic abilities are the standard issue GoW magic, but there still cool so nothing bad about it. The Graphics are amazing and pretty much the best looking PSP game in history. Its going to be hard to beat teh technical standards pushed by "Ready At Dawn", by other developers. The controls are real good and are easy to learn if you've ever played any god of war game. R + L + The Analog-nub in a direction rolls, R + a face button does magic and L + a face button does a special attack with the weapons. This god of war translates good on to the PSP. This god of war is still the bloody, violent and awsome God of War we all have come to love. There is somthing for everyone to like here and any God Of War fan will absolutely fall in love with GoW:CoO!
OVERALL:10/10 This is a must buy game. You will play it over and over forever!

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Not A Surprise

posted by waynetango (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 10, 2008

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It wouldn't be a surprise to anyone to know that this game is simply magnificent. The graphics, the sound, the controlS. Everything just runs so smoothly that you feel that you are actually in the game itself. I've played games on Xbox360 and the PS3 and i'm amazed at how the graphics just pull the player in. There have been a few games that do this on the PSP, Gun, Killzone:liberation just to name a couple, but God of War would be simply akin to a miracle. The gamer feels as if they have been reborn once they power up this game. If other developers would just use this game as a comparison to the games they are creating then we as gamers would be totally enthralled each and every time we unpack our games and turn on the console.

This game is not just a keeper it is an experience, that one would not soon forget.
Buy this game, Love this game, Marry this game.

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posted by Schpenke (THE COLONY, TX) Mar 15, 2008

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I never really have expectations for any portable game to equal the playability of its console port, but God Of War manages to do just that.

The graphics are absolutely stunning, the musical score is captivating and appropriate during each scene, the voice acting is spot on, and the overall game play is just short of perfect.

If you've played either of the two previous God Of War titles there's no point in my rehashing since you'll understand that your role consists of happily beating up anything that moves, and often times beating up things that don't.

My only complaints with the PSP version are these:

- The voice acting volume is extremely low in some places. Headphones are often required.
- The minigames when restricted to the face buttons are fine, but the game occasionally forces you to use analog thumb pad to create full or semi circles. The fact is that the analog thumb pad is not a precision device and it's quite often quite hard to create what that PSP considers a completely semi or full circle.

These two small things in no way overshadow how fantastic this game is though. Had a blast playing it through once, replaying it on a harder level, and tinkering with the challenges.

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