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posted by sr2006jr (CANTONMENT, FL) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

great game loved every minute of it it only took 8 and half hours for me to beat the beginer level i am now working on titan level and it is pretty hard, but overall the game is great

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Way too dumbed down

posted by Thanatopsis (FAIRBANKS, AK) Mar 22, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

It looks almost as nice as GOW3 but plays more like the 2 "mini" PSP games. The fighting is more boring and tedious than ever. The kills aren't as gruesomely fun and the camera is always too far back, unless it is stuck in a corner or blocked by a pillar.
There are far less puzzles, maybe 3 or 4 and they are pretty easy. The platforming makes Uncharted look difficult. Just push a button and Kratos just magically goes where he is supposed to. No thought at all. No missed jumps. The only tricky parts are the quick-time events, of which there are many. A cut scene will go on for 2 minutes and then suddenly require a button press. Miss it and you have to watch the whole 2 minute movie again. No fun to watch the movie when you have to keep scanning for button presses. And not really a game. The last 45 minutes is nothing but cut scenes and a few quick-time events. With such nice graphics it seems like they could have put some actual gameplay in this one. Even with tutorials off it constantly tells you exactly when and where you should use your magic. Wouldn't want anybody to get stuck and have to think for even 10 seconds. Not impressed.
If they can make difficulty settings for combat, why can't they make them for puzzles and platforming too? I don't get it. Besides the visuals, this is the worst God of War yet.

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God of War Ascension

posted by xpart123 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Mar 21, 2013

Member since Jun 2008

best God of War in the series .

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