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God of war

posted by Winnie123 (BELLEVILLE, MI) May 27, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Awesome game

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Very Good

8-10 i wrote a lot_

posted by Kratos_man (SEFFNER, FL) May 27, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

over all it felt gust like it sood as a gow game cool how in this 1 thers no magic spell's or magic wepon 's to use in sted it a new blend of magic mixed with the blad's of chaos the way you got your magic was vary similar to gow 1 (prity cool) i played one easy like i do for all cuz you ushly git nothing 4 normul &the gold for beating the games on hard or so is to much .sad how in 2 of the gow games your 1,000 hit combo is gold & the others R bronds myself & every 1 elts wood like gold over siver & ofcors bronds chap25 ish was wear for me the part you git the eyes of truth thin they vanish out of your hands thin the feary capter you agin_? thin im free as if it was a flash fored in time_? last note the ending was grate nothen rong thare but this is ovisly befor gow 2&3 wich he sloter alllooott of gods and beast monters but yet in ascension he ses my qwest is to undo all the blood iv spilt now im free from my bond yay you that alright

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Frustrating but good waste of time

posted by jasev01 (STROUDSBURG, PA) May 25, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

Let me cut to the chase, this is not a good game but is a good waste of time. If you are watching tv or listening to something you can turn off the sound and just finish this. I admit I am not a platform game player but this is just bad. No back story so if you didn't know a bit about the game you you would be pretty lost but for the fact that there is no real story. There are furies kratos is mad at them for some reason they attack and flee until you fight them at the end and its over. Throw in some scene cuts QTEs and repeat. but for the Greek mythology there would be nothing. Well actually there is a water level that looks like its from from Mario bros.2 with the spikes at the top that hurt you. Why does it exist, who knows, why do most of the things in the game exist. For example, you suddenly have a item that allows you to heal(construct and decay ( destruct) random things. Not everything not what you would want just certain things so "puzzles" can be solved. Then you get a random item to create a copy, also used for "puzzles". These aren't puzzles these are annoyances that require you to performs time consuming tasks and no more. This is most of the game. For all of this it make a 6 but then you get to a certain level. I will not say which one you can google it. This proved they just did not care about anything in developing this game but money. Q the guy who says they finished it in one shot and it was easy games are too easy but you know there is something wrong when the developer has to release a patch to fix the game because it is so ridiculous. It is for this the game gets a 3. This developer desires no money and will get none of mine ever. This is the reason I have gamefly, I would have been angry if I paid money for this. I nearly sent this back without completing it it was so bad and if you read comments on different reviews I am not the only one. In summary: If you have time and want to button mash and waste time by all means have fun

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