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Very Good

Keeps Getting better and better

posted by cmonster07 (SAN FERNANDO, CA) Jun 25, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Never disappointed in these series. I want more then more.

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GoW Asecension, PS3 exclusive

posted by cerealkeller (EMPORIUM, PA) Jun 17, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

Legendary. God of War Ascension is pure legend. As I was playing the game I just kept thinking to myself, how in the heck is it possible to create a game that looks this amazing with such limited hardware? I was curious, so I looked it up. Turns out Sony invested 40 million dollars in its developement. That's all it takes, an unending pile of cash to take a weak system and create games that have PC quality on obsolete hardware. The PS3 is basically a triple core CPU, an Nvidia Geforce 7800 and 512 MB of RAM. If you had that configuration on a PC it would lick. Seriously lick. Somehow Sony made a masterpiece with it. The graphics are a little better than GoW 3. The game is basically the same though. The audio is excellent. You can really hear the things coming from behind you. The positional effects on 5.1 or better are superb. And the music is really good too. Not as catchy as the GoW3 song, but still really good. You have these epic boss fights against colossal Titans. They really come up with some incredibly creative ideas, and they bring them to life as if it were a piece of fine art. I'm not a big fan of interupting a boss fight scene with, hit this button, hit that button, not mash the x button! I'd rather watch the battle unfold instead of focusing on what button to push next. The attacks aren't as good, in my opinion as GoW 3. You have to fill the rage meter, which isn't very easy, unless you're playing on easy... in order to unlock some of the more advanced attacks. I loved the attack in GoW 3 where you just held in the heavy attack button and he whipped his chains around and demolished everything, that's not on this game. The story is great, a prequel to the GoW series. It's pretty much the same as all the other games in the series, just with a few updates. There's a multiplayer or something, but I never played it.

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The usual GoW a good way

posted by brizzy0518 (WICHITA, KS) Jun 10, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Ive been playing the GoW series since the ps2. And this latest entry is a great new game into the GoW timline! Graphics are the same like in GoW3 but gameplay is a little different as your only weopon is the blades of chaos. But you can add different elements to them and pick up side weapons. Good GoW game and ps3 game

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