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Above Average

Broken and Uninspired.

posted by datonedude (LA VERNE, CA) Feb 15, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

First, the multiplayer needs an online pass and you won't get that if the game i used. So, my review does not cover the multiplayer in any way because I had no access to it.

Second, I couldn't complete the game because it kept freezing on one cutscene. I had to google the ending and just move on which is disappointing. I was about 60% way through the game when this happened (based off guides). This is important because I'm only reviewing what I played. Keep that in mind. The rest of the game could've been much better than what I'm about to complain about.

Now, if I ignore these two annoyances, the game is actually okay. It's a God of War game that isn't up to par with the other games in the series but it's more God of War if that's what you want.

The combat system feels possibly better than it has ever been. It's made some improvements. However, the enemies seem boring in comparison to past games. Each enemy feels like they were left overs from one of the other games. You will fight waves of enemies that seem pretty similar to each other and this is broken up by some boss battles.

Within 45 minutes of playing the game, I had the formula figured out. You travel somewhere and fight waves of enemies you don't care about, you reach a bunch of enemies or a boss battle, then you get a new power and use it to defeat waves of enemies, rinse and repeat. It felt repetitive and chore like. They started introducing some interesting puzzles later on but that was around the time the game started freezing on me.

I love God of War but I can't honestly recommend this to people. It's good if you really care about God of War and the story. Maybe you can overlook the repetitive gameplay but I couldn't. If this wasn't God of War, I would probably be tempted to rip this game apart even further.

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posted by jayprime (VALLEJO, CA) Feb 2, 2014

Member since Feb 2012

I am a first time GoW player. This game is fun and has an ok story. This game did a really good job at scaling the really big bosses and environments really good. It gave me slight vertigo during the scenes with huge objects. Now I would have given this game an 8 or 9 but did not realize the severity of the Trials of Achilles. I could not finish the game due to point mis management. Be warned don't max magic out. Max your main sword, artifacts, magic and health or you will not pass the trials.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by hevinlyreign (SPOKANE, WA) Jan 31, 2014

Member since May 2012

Typical GOW game. The graphics are very appealing, the game play is smooth and effective. Sound seems pretty realistic. I find the replay value low to none. The game is moderately easy, and the puzzles not very challenging compared to previous installments. The story was interesting, but it could have been completely told in about 5 minutes, instead it is dragged out tirelessly. I found that the 'upgrading' was awful, not anything worth while and I was disappointed in only one weapon choice, and just only having variants, or elemental attacks. All in all, a pretty disappointing installment. I rate it a 6 because I love the series in general and it is still better than other, similar games.

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