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Good game but not as good as the others

posted by chargerbrett (PIQUA, OH) Jun 21, 2014

Member since Apr 2013

Good game. Story line seems to start becoming obsolete and you just run around killing things. The camera angles and zoomed way out make it really hard to even see where you are during battles and puzzles. I feel like they should have just stopped with the previous game. I like it, it's still fun, worth the rent, but not worth the buy.

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posted by CaptMagnifico (THORNTON, CO) May 23, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

Hey guys and gals fans of the angriest God ever, lets have a friendly chat about why prequel games just don't ever work as well as the original. This game we follow Kratos before he was the God of War and also before he swore revenge on Aries. We get the deep unnecessary why that no one asked for but here we go anyways.

The game story describes The Furies, they creatures I never heard of that hunt down oath breakers. Well Kratos broke his oath to Aries but got shot with a amnesia bullet like Wolverine and can't remember why. This gives Kratos to go again through the Greek mythos and killing everything that even looks at you cross ways. The story like most of the God of War games are just a reason for you to go on your path of destruction.

The gameplay is a very much improved version of the series. It is immensely fun and it toned down all the petty annoying stuff that hurt the original games. So no timed death puzzles in this game. The game does do one thing that got under my skin. Ascension only have variants of the same weapon. You get the Blades of Chaos and all that changes is the kind of element power they get. I'm just used to God of War 3 with all the different kinds of weapons at my disposal.

In short it is a God of War game to give you that fix until the fourth one comes out. If you are jonesing for some Kratos this will cure you and you can move on. I liked the game enough to buy it, so I would say get it at a bargain bin and you won't be disappointed.

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A Disappointment to the GoW Series.

posted by moo2 (LOVELAND, CO) Apr 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I was very excited to play this game until I actually played it. Keep in mind that I didn't play any of the multiplayer stuff, mostly because God of War hasn't exactly been for multiplayer. The plot was EXCEEDINGLY boring, the epic boss fights were gone (except for the first boss fight), and the whole concept of charging your gauge to attack was flawed. What got me the most was the setting of the game was completely plain for GoW, no epic back drops or cool labyrinths to go through. They removed the cool power ups/weapons that you got in the old games and replaced them with more "puzzle like" up grades that just allow you to move objects and have a little battle potential. All in all I felt that they really messed up this last game and got away from what made GoW so popular in the beginning. Still worth trying if you're a die-hard GoW fan which I am not.

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