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Where is the "It" factor? Single Player Review

posted by RainDragon (MUNFORD, TN) Mar 17, 2013

Member since Sep 2011

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God of War ascension is essentially the prequel to the GoW trilogy. It tells the story of Kratos at the moment of his decision to no longer serve Ares, and facing the fury of the... furies... for breaking his oath.

All of the aspects you want in a God of War game are there, but there's something missing. This could be due to several factors, which I'll expand upon in the cons below.

Pros: Kratos has an actual character arc in this. He's still the ridiculously angry destroyer we've come to live vicariously through, but you'll see him smile at least once and you'll see why he's become as wrathful as he is by the first actual GoW (Yeah, we found out why in that game too, but it's expanded upon slightly in this)

The elemental system is good. Essentially it charges the blades of chaos with an element and a magic. It works far better than any other GoW's combat system because it completely gives up on trying to make us use anything other than the Blades of Chaos we were going to be using anyway.

The Combat system is largely the same, but the parry is changed to an active command instead of a timed block. This was done for multi-player purposes.

Cons: Glitchy. I ran in to more glitches in this game than the entire main trilogy combined. Spirit doors (the things that pop up when you need to clear a room of enemies before proceeding) will stick around after all enemies are dead, Kratos will occasionally completely ignore a Quick-time button press, and you WILL get stuck in enemy blenders that will stop you from even moving until the game decides it's good and ready to let you go.

Inconsequential: We already know how this story goes. We know why Kratos turns and why he hunts Ares. That essentially means that nothing that happens in this game matters. There are no shocks, twists, or departures. Makes it all feel like a bit of a money grab.

In all it's good enough and pretty enough to be a God of War game, but nothing at all great or new or groundbreaking.

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Above Average

Long Time Fan, First Time Disappointed

posted by ciordia9 (CHARLOTTE, NC) Mar 25, 2013

Member since May 2004

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Sure it's a pretty game with controls your used to but this could have been DLC is how I'd sum it up.

After a good running series this one just feels short. Neat little story but at the end of the day the levels begin to feel repetitive and not terribly challenging puzzles. Lacking camera controls and sometimes no real sense of where to go next can lead you astray. Quick deaths while pole vaulting make you reload until you get the timing of things. Not to mention the usual if not predictable, lock you in a room, send 4-6 waves of goons at you before moving on. The whole motion just seemed like the developers/designers were tired of being creative--if they are even there anymore.

Great rental, definitely wouldn't buy it. Can't see how MP could save this title the beta was entertaining but lack luster.

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Worth a rental, but nothing more

posted by Ichiban (SAN JOSE, CA) Apr 9, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2006

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Funny that we should get two "origin" games of blockbuster franchises (Tomb Raider being the other one) in the same month. Whereas that was in many ways a reinvention of the franchise, this just seems like GOW Lite, on a par with the (amazing, for that platform) PSP games, but not for the mature PS3 platform (sidebar... can we expect a GOW Vita game?).

I galloped through the game, until the ludicrously tough spike near the end, which just seemed to serve a purpose of extending the game (I ended up with ~12 hours on the game clock when I finally finished it last night). This gallop is not a good thing... I'm not a completionist per se, but when there are lots of collectibles, some of which may take a while to think through, it's not fair that stepping through a door closes out everything behind you, thus never allowing you to pick them up again.

No issues with the game graphically or sonically, but nothing you wouldn't expect either. The end boss, no spoilers, but is a sight to behold. Combat is the usual GOW fare, and seems to be the main focus of the game. None of the puzzles are that tough, with only the water wheel stumping me for any noticable period of time.

So not bad, but not great either, and ultimately, not really "necessary". It's more of the same, and, after now 6 games, that is not enough. Definitely worth a rental, some nice things to see here, but you'll finish it in a week and never think about it again.

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