Rent God Hand for PS2
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God Hand

Not Rentable
GF Rating

1381 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Fighting Ring challenges

Complete Stage 1.

Bonus Arena Challenges

After finishing the game you will unlock Arena Challenges 41 through 50. After finishing Arena Challenges 41 through 50 you will unlock Arena Challenge 51.

Hard mode

After finishing the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Chihuahua Race

Complete Stage 3, then talk to the male NPC in the shop.

Alternate costumes

After finishing the game to unlock the Carnival, Devil Hand, Karate, and Olivia's Bunny Girl alternate costumes. They can be obtained by starting from Stage 2 then talking to the new NPC in the shop.

Jukebox CDs

Complete the game

Jukebox CDs

Go to the casino for jackpot pulls and get a ticket for the Jukebox CD

Jukebox CDs

Complete the game under hard difficulty

Jukebox CDs

Complete the game with the "Kick Me" sign on without using any GodHand Reels or Godhand Power