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posted by WolfGirl09 (RIVERVIEW, FL) Dec 21, 2008

Member since May 2006

The game sounded cool when I first saw it but, it isn't the best ever.The graphics are nice and the computer people are well designed(more on that later.) but,it is just lame after a while.I personaly do not have a nintendo WFC wi-fi connection(For those who don't know what WFC wi-fi is,it is a wi-fi upgrade you need to buy so you can connect to people across the globe.)so,I could only do one player mode.While one player was cool at first because I belived it was multi- player,I realized it was me with a com. player and quickly grew bored with it.Konami is going in the right direction though because the computer players can and will carry out real conversations with you!If you say in the picture language used to talk in Gopets called Iku "I like art" then a question mark (it means to them "do you?" for some reason.....)they would say back "I like art too!" or "I don't like it." which I thought was very cool.They even get "Mad" if you don't mail them for a while.The computer player design is good but,the rest is very boring.D+

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GF Rating

Above Average

It's a Cool game...

posted by TennisStar (TRUCKEE, CA) Sep 30, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

This game is pretty cool, I am a teen so I would recommend this to younger kids, like grades 5-7. The graphics are good but it gets boring. If you want to see this game first go and check out their website (I would recommend Googling it). It is the exact same game just free and online. Although this game is better than the website. I would get it for someone who is around 12 (younger and one year above. Overall it is boring, but nice graphics.

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