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GF Rating


Starts great but difficulty ramps up too soon

posted by AARGH2K (STERLING, VA) Feb 28, 2008

Member since Jun 2003

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The game took me back to Choplifter and a touch of Defender. The strategy elements are a nice touch but get to be a bit much once you realize your tanks and troops are made of tissue paper compared to the enemies. Then it just becomes frustrating and your slipping it back into the mailing sleeve.

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GF Rating


Anyone ever play Choplifter?

posted by drawers (ROME, NY) Sep 8, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

I started this game with a bad taste in my mouth because there appears to be no way to reset the game data and I like to start all my games fresh. So I had to play it with whatever stats and stuff the last guy left off with. Whatever, so I started the first mission which starts with a scrolling letter-to-home that is pretty much the most boring thing you've ever read. Then it gets into gameplay and I flashed back about 20 years to playing Choplifter II or III (not sure which) on my Game Boy, except it was worse. It's the same exact premise actually, you kill some tanks and enemy soldiers then pick up a group of people and bring them back to your own base to drop em off and go out again. Except in the GB version I remember, you could hover and shoot targets directly below you and not have to continually strafe back and forth across the screen about 5 times trying to kill a single tank. Oh, and the main gun was a pain in the rear. It fires a burst at first then some sporatically timed shots if you hold the fire button down and I couldn't really figure out what was goin on with the gun. Then the second mission starts up with an airplane instead of a chopper and I was thinking this could go somewhere. The plane mission is the same as the chopper except you don't have to rescue anyone, just kill all the baddies. The plane moves a little faster but you have the same problems as the chopper trying to strafe ground targets by going back and forth and diving the plane toward the baddies. Of course with both you can bomb ground targets but your vehicle only holds like 5 bombs and you have to go back to base to restock which might be quicker than trying to strafe but is tedious nonetheless.
Overall this game was horrible. Graphics were on par with NES, sound not much better, there virtually was no story and core gameplay dates back to almost 30 yrs ago. If you liked Choplifter and want to reminisce then go for it but this game gets 2 thumbs down from me.

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