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Loved the movie, but game was far too young.

posted by jessiedg (CHARLOTTE, NC) Mar 22, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

I absolutely LOVE Ghostbusters, so I was excited to try out the game, however.. Just after starting up this new game it was apparent that it follows a lot of the problems with movie-based games. There is absolutely no opportunity to use your mind at all, you follow a strict path through the storyline.

It would be good for younger game players, maybe around 10-14 years old but much older and you feel patronized by the low freedom of the game. I found battles with ghosts challenging, but mostly because the targeting system for the guns was hard to get used to. I would overshoot everything at first so mass damage would occur. However I don't know if my controller's joystick could be on the low-ability side since I don't play FPS on PS2.

It's a shame that a game built after a franchise that appeals to an older generation (I'm 22 years old) is actually more suited for a much much younger generation (one which probably don't know what Ghostbusters actually is.) Storyline was nice. I played longer just to feel like I was a new recruit to the Ghostbusters.

My recommendation is, Try it - Don't buy it. (unless you're raising a whole family of gaming Ghostbuster fans and your preteen seems really into it)

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Ghostbusters the Game I Wish was Good

posted by 2015239 (SOUTH HAVEN, MN) Jan 18, 2010

Member since Jan 2008

When I saw this I was excited, until I played it. The game play was simple, easy, and one big GLITCH!!! I mean you'd be playing and saying "this is a breeze" then it would just stop then you'd have to start again and the same thing would happen again. The whole thing would be simple but they tried to jam too much into the game. The other thing was that the graphics were bad or cartoony I mean early PS2 games had better graphics than this. Also the enemies were too easy. Most of them would just slime you but you could just shoot it once and it would be ready to capture. Yet the story was ok it had a ghostbusters vibe from the beginning. The saddest thing though was I didn't even finish it, the thing wasn't even worth finishing and I even made it my duty to finish Superman Returns. Bottom line is that this game was bad I think because they tried to make a game based on a movie ( WHICH ALL SUCK) but the main lesson is LISTEN TO THE RATING MOST OF THE TIME IT'S RIGHT!!!

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Daughter like it

posted by crypt1 (PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WI) Oct 27, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

But she got stuck on some parts so she quit and did'nt play no more so she like it but not that much.So i sent it back.

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