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Ghostbusters on Wii, as good as watching a movie

posted by mlthmp (ALBERTVILLE, AL) Sep 20, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

First off, let me say that this game will go down as a Wii classic. It has everything that Ghostbusters, and general gaming fans look for in video games. It has action, it has strategy, and it has something alot of games today serious lack...a good story line.

The rumors are true, this game acts as the 3rd "movie" in the GB franchise, and it lives up to the previous two films perfectly. The cut scenes in the game really give you the feeling you're watching "Ghostbusters 3) and even better than that you get to take part in the busting.

The Good,
The graphics are just great. I've played this game on all 3 current-gen consoles. Let me say one thing, graphics does NOT a game make. The Wii version of this game is EVERYBIT as fun and exciting as the PS3 and 360 versions. I actually tend to like the graphics better than the others. Reminds me of watching an episode of "The Real Ghostbusters"

Gameplay is fun and exciting. While there are drawbacks (see "The Bad" below) the controls really give the impression you're busting ghosts along with the GBs!

The Bad,
The controls are "iffy" at best. As with most Wii games if your hand shakes for a second you'r players line of sight goes all over the place. This is quite annoying, but its common place with the Wii. Nothing major, but its worth mentioning.

Load times are longer than they should be, but thats nitpicking.

To be honest, I have to rate this game 9/10. It's fun, addicting, and challenging. All in all you can't ask for more from a video game! The graphics fit in nicely with the Wii, and the whole experience really brings a nostalgic feeling for all GB fans. In addition, compared to the PS3 and 360 versions, I believe the Wii version is slightly longer and has a better overall story line. While its similar to the other versions there are slight differences that make the Wii version a bit more involved.

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98% Perfect

posted by attilio (East Elmhurst, NY) Jun 18, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I think the gameplay is pretty good. The only thing is that your character seems to have only one movement speed... running. However that is not a problem, especially since it is pretty fun to play. There is an excellent balance between push-button and motion control of the game. You only need to swing the remote when throwing a ghost around. The buttons really take care of the rest.

The graphics are actually pretty good. They are not great like in Super Smash, but they are definitely better than some other games. This is just another piece of evidence that the Wii can still have a fun game even though it isn't HD.

Overall the Ghostbusters is a pretty good game. My only complaint is that the camera is controlled by the Wii remote's sensor. If you point the left the camera turns left, if you point the right the camera turns right. However it comes in handy when shooting your beam at those blasted ghosts. I guess this is a win/lose situation, but that is my opinion. Perhaps if the camera turned a bit faster then it wouldn't be as annoying for me. However don't let this deter you from playing this amazing game.

If you are a fan of Ghostbusters (especially if you grew up with it like I did) then you should definitely rent/buy this game because it is worth it. I've only played with it for an hour and I love it.


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Very Good

Return of a Legend

posted by noteblastr (FAIRFIELD, TX) Jun 22, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Ghostbusters is a great game that stays true to the movies and offers a great storyline. I read an article describe Ghostbusters as a third movie in game form…and yes, this game delivers! It was refreshing to play a game with an actual plot rather than a succession of random explosions and mindless dialogue. The plot dives deep into the stories of the first and second movies revealing the events that set it all in motion. It makes the game play addictive -- you just want to get to advance to the next level to see what happens! The environments are very well done, small details from the films are everywhere. It’s a strange feeling if you are familiar with the films…it’s like you’ve been there before. The original soundtrack works well with the game too, it's amaxing how they integrated it all together. Busting ghosts looks and feels much like the experience in the movies. The best part of the game has to be the voice acting and writing. I found myself laughing several times during game play, usually humor in games is cheesy and doesn’t work at all.

The problem with long anticipated games is expectations grow too high. This isn’t the best game ever made but it is indeed very good. Here is why I didn’t give the game a 10:

The system for busting ghosts would be great if you didn’t have to ‘slam’ them into the walls. This sounds like it could be a lot of fun but it grows tedious because there is something about the Wii controller interface (I think) that bogs down during this process and it takes forever to finish off a ghost. And you have to do this for most types of ghosts, even after you’ve blasted them with a variety of cool weapons--it just doesn’t seem necessary. Why not just zap and trap?!
Also, the downside to having a great linear game with a great plot is that the replay value goes down. I would have liked to have seen something a little more open ended...Overall, I still really like this title.

Fans of the Ghostbusters MUST play this game!

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