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posted by myobuu (WILMETTE, IL) Apr 29, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Personally this game is pretty much everything you could want in a ghostbusters game and more..
It exceeded my expectations and more
if you are a big ghoustbusters fan you MUST at least rent this one!

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New ways to fight the paranormal

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 11, 2009

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9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Who are you going to call? Well, if you're looking for a great shooting game where you blast (and catch) ghosts, then you might want to dial up this game.
Ghostbusters has you as a new recruit; you tag along with the other four members of the team (the same guys from the two movies), trapping and defeating ghosts.
To trap a ghost, you first weaken it until it's life bar turns all red. Then, you draw out your basic weapon, hold the stream on the ghost. You get a flashing red arrow point either up, down, left or right.
You jerk the Wiimore in the indiciated direction, and you slam the ghost against the walls, ceiling or floor, taking a chunk of red out of the red bar.
When the bar is empty, you lay a trap by using the Nunchuck and Z button. Then, you drag the ghost over onto the trap and you've caught it.
With other ghosts, you just blast them until their life bar is emptied.
But the game is much more complicated than that; you get more weapons, like a shotgun-like gun and a gun that shoots ooze. All three guns get a secondary function later on in the game.
The ghosts also change throughout the game; they get much tougher. Sometimes you have hit the ghost with ooze or a mine or a freeze ray (shotgun's secondary function) before you can attempt to catch it.
The new weapons and ghosts, and the interesting boss battles, stops the game from getting too stale or to boring. There's always something new to uncover in the next section of the game.
And it's always more fun to have a friend join the fight in a split screen mode. It makes the game easier, and you can revive each other if one of you is defeated by the ghostly threats.
But the game goes about five to six hours, leaving some hard core gamers wanting more.
And they've added the gimmick of hiding lots of cards on the levels - most of which aren't very intersting.
Still, Ghostbusters is a fresh idea on a third person shooter. I say give it a try and decide for yourself if you want to buy it.

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Fun, but flawed.

posted by brainofj (HARRISON TOWNSHIP, MI) Nov 28, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Graphics: A mixed bag, for sure. Some of the character models look great (Egon, Winston, Janine), but some are way off the mark (Venkman, Ray). And on more than one occasion, the game has issues with draw distance and pop-in, especially the "Under New Management" chapter, where the lobby will disappear and reappear at will.

Sound: For the most part, the vocal work is tremendous. Almost everybody is on target in their roles ... except for Alyssa Milano, who is totally unconvincing, and Bill Murray, who is alternately almost inaudible or very, very bored-sounding. And Venkman is scripted as a cheesy horndog, showing none of the wit and charm from the movies.

Gameplay: For the most part, it's pretty fun. The controls are intuitive, and the missions are fun. Only on one or two instances is there controls issues (pulling things toward you, for instance), but really, this is where the game shines.

Replayability: Well, if you don't get every ghost scan or Tobin's page, you have a reason to run through again. But since you can replay missions during the story itself, and the game is maybe 6-8 hours long, a good player can exhaust all the game has to offer in a long weekend.

Overall: It's fun, and it has the seeds of a greater game in it ... but the voice work is inconsistent, the graphics need some touching up, and the length is just pathetic. This is the kind of game Gamefly was made for, but definitely not a purchase.

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