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Zap Em' Cap Em' Trap Em'

posted by jf1977 (WEST GROVE, PA) Jun 20, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

This is far better than the nintendo version, where you drove a 8-bit ecto one caught the same yellpw ghosts had the characters scream ghostbusters then finally fight the marshmellow man. But will be underrated just like the sega genesis version. The story is written by Harold Ramis and Dan Arkyoid where the game takes place in two years after GB2. This game has a cold opening just like the movies. There is a Ghozer Exbiit at the Museum of Natural History and all of a sudden a bright flash of blue light emerces and starts to surround the city. From there, you are a rookie trying the new and improved equipment. You get to explore the firehouse, try to play some arcade games (You never do, even though they have
q-bert), and before you hear "We've got one." A captured Slimer escapes a ghost carrier thingy and tries to hide in the sub-basement. This starts your training and that's where the fun begins. Slimer escapes but a sloth ghost emerges. I have the PS3 version, so you have to press R2 to zap and drain him of some energy, and occassiaonly press R1 to vent the pack so it doesn't conk out on you. Where a ghost energy drains, you press L1 to Capture and tilt the PS3 remote the opposite direction of the ghost and trap. Also the energy meter is like gears of war, you will see on you unlicensed nuclear accelator a green meter how much damage you take. Also when you fire, you get to see how much damage you create. But this time you won't be banned from ghostbusting for five years waiting for mood slime to put you back in business.
Pros - It feels like a CGI GB3 Most of the original actors are back, A Virtual Tobins Spirit Guide will pop up when you press pause to learn about the ghosts you're about to capture, some original GB Film Score moments
Cons - Off Key, Sync with the Actors and controls can be a pain at times. Slimer is not a good guy again....?
Tips - Always upgade your proton pack first worry about other equipment upgrades much later

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by TheElls (OXFORD, MS) Jun 19, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

Very satisfied with my purchase through the first hour of gameplay. It's simply very fun to play. Plus you got all the voice talent and the graphics are stellar. Doesn't look like it will be too long or expansive (meaning I don't think you'll be searching around forever for hard to find artifacts and things like that) but it does look like it will be amusing, humorous, and just fun to Luigi's Mansion was. You'll like it if you like Ghostbusters and just want the effect of watching/playing a new Ghostbusters flick.

haven't tried multi-player yet.

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