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BROKE! Not worth playing!

posted by KrypDragon (SPRINGBORO, OH) Jul 1, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

This game freezes and locks up your PS3 in several places like in the Library where bookshelves move. It actually broke one of my PS3s! The other ghostbusters just run around and die and never help with any ghost captures or fighting the hard bosses. Their dying just makes it harder for you to play. This is the stupidest AI I have ever seen! The multiplayer is not able to have you invite friends to games. The graphics are dumbed down for the PS3 over other systems. Two of the trophies/achievements are glitched and do not work as you never see one of the slimers and the other "Payday" just does not work and nobody has received this trophy for any system. Top that off with no customer service responses at all from ATARI and you have a game not worth buying or renting!

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hmm ive played this before lol

posted by BoyCroft (PACIFIC GROVE, CA) Jun 30, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

Lets see here now to make a quick point this game totally reminded me of Luigi's Mansion for the game cube. same game play same idea you catch monsters and yeah. I love the fact that it was really like watching the movie but it was just not that interesting and even the ghosts and monsters looked fairly close to the ghosts on L M i would only play it once and only to see how hard they tried, i Think that aside from me hating bill Murry's annoying voice and rants the only thing that i liked about this game was the environment.

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Great Movie Game

posted by JacobC77 (RICHVALE, CA) Jun 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

This is by far the greatest movie game to date. Not only is this game authentic with all original voices and characters, it completes the story. So if you liked the movies, then you will love this game cause its like the third movie. But for me, i wasnt the biggest ghostbusters fan and i loved it.

-the graphics are top notch
-frame rate is great
-the physics are amazing
-upgradable weapons
-the weapons work great and are modeled after the ones in the movie
-online co-op and other game modes
-over 7 hours of campaign
-big variety of ghosts and some are from the movies
-professional difficulty makes it fun and realistic
-the game has fun light parts and mixes in some dark and scary parts

-can get repetetive
-no splitscreen co-op
-your AI characters can sometimes be frustrating

This game is amazing. I would have gave it a 10 but the lack of splitscreen co-op dropped it to a 9. This game is a definate rent to people who love ghostbusters or people who love a well made game. If your a big fan then you should probaly buy, because online capabilities can make this game last for awhile.

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