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Too kiddish

posted by JFBIII (FAIRFIELD, IA) Dec 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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Felt like I was playing a PSone game on a PS3. I like the movies. If you enjoy the movies you should probably give it a try. It wasn't worth my time. Great to see the actual voices of the characters come out however. Probably the only high point of this game. I'd rather go buy an NES and play the Ghostbusters game on that.

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Above Average

Good single player, bad multiplayer

posted by SethAtkins (DALLAS, TX) Jun 28, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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The positives first. The storyline in single player is enjoyable, and not too difficult, even on hard difficulty. It is also not too long, which some see as a bad thing, for me I don't always want a game that will take 3 weeks to get through (playing every day)

The multiplayer (co-op) also has some fun modes and levels. If that is all there is to a game, then I'd rate it higher than I do. But the multiplayer servers are glitchy and people who like to complete all the trophies of a game will find the experience intolerably frustrating. Getting all the trophies actually wouldn't be that hard or time intensive if it weren't for the poor servers. If you are working through all the single player trophies and expecting the multiplayer trophies to be a reasonable task, you might rethink going after the trophies on this one, and settling for a level of completion far below 100%.

The problem is mainly a combination of the game not tracking your progress toward some of the multiplayer trophies, and the servers not saving the results of all the matches, the result of which is that you can have a checklist approach, and still not get the trophy you think you just earned...and have no idea what you need to do to finish it. The biggest culprit is "Gozer's Most Wanted" where you have to win in every match type on every map. You can print a checklist and satisfy every condition, and trophy. Why? Because it seems that some of the matches didn't count because the server didn't save the statistics. And since the game doesn't specifically tell you which ones are still missing, you have no way of knowing which to go back and do, other than to retry them all. But that is also no guarantee that it will all save correctly the second time. As a result, I reluctantly gave up one trophy short of completion. I wish I had known in advance, as I wouldn't have bothered with mutiplayer at all.

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The Game that almost never was

posted by Hansolo (SAINT MATTHEWS, SC) Jun 18, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

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Let me begin by saying how happy I am that this game was picked up by Atari. Last summer it was canceled due to the fact that it was a game based on a movie that had no movie on the way. Wow big mistake. You play the game as a rookie Ghostbuster just starting out on his first day on the job. It doesn't take long before you're thrust into the thick of it. Talk about on the job training. The game plays as if you are in the film and really makes you feel like you're part of the team. With the original ghostbusters lending their voices. The visuals are top notch,very crisp. The effects of the proton stream and trapping are very realistic. There are also some genuinely scary moments to be had. Game play involves an over the shoulder view with a shooter set-up. Targeting a ghost is as easy as point and shoot. Once you have weakened it enough you can use your proton stream to grab the ghost and pull it side to side or up and down, or you can slam the heck of it. Toss your trap and guide the ghost in. You will have access to a PKE meter which you use to track and scan ghosts and other paranormal materials, such as the location of the games artifacts. As you play you will earn cash that can be spent to upgrade your Proton Pack and trapping abilities. You will also have access to "Tobin's Spirit Guide" to learn a little GB history involving the spirits. So if you like collecting stuff then you'll be happy. The game is very easy to jump right in and begin playing. I gotta say that I was a little concerned about it being a movie game since those types of titles usually aren't very good,but GB definitely breaks the mold. I'm extremely happy with the way things turned out and I'm even more happy that it wasn't shelved forever.Good work Terminal Reality you made a huge hit.The Story for this title was written to basically be Ghostbusters 3 and with all the Hype this title has generated it actually has spurned the writing of an actual third film that is scheduled for a 2010 release

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