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Ghostbuster PS3

posted by Kingiggy (KYLE, TX) Aug 17, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

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No doubt about it, this game was fun. Its short though and you could finish it in one day if you had nothing better to do. Oh, the hard setting really means it. On Hard, the ghosts really require you to work as a team and smash them...a lot. The controls can get a little confusing and the puzzles are nothing short of easy but the real aspect of the game is the teamwork. This is the reason to try the Multiplayer mode, with a group of friends or online, the player can really get the feel of being a ghostbuster when two or more are trying to bring one tough ghost down. What I didn't like was the shortness of it. Sure, its supposed to play like a movie but I wouldn't have minded working on going through the last two movies in this game. Think about it, facing the Skolari Brothers in the courtroom, that would have been sweet. So give it try, at the most its a good rent unless you're really into multiplayer, then buy it. Otherwise you'll get a good game done in one day.


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A movie-based game w/o the movie

posted by baldassbat (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Jan 25, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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In my experience movie-based games tend to fall flat. Something really gets lost in the translation. As with all things there are a few exceptions. Ghostbusters is based on the franchise, but is not based on one of the films. This formula seems bizarre, but works surprisingly well. Written by Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis (just like the films) it also features the voice talents of the original stars (Akroyd, Ramis, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson).

The writing is funny and appropriate to the series (though having Winston wonder aloud why there are so many "spooks" in Central Park pushes the limits of taste). In fact, it could be considered Ghostbusters 3, though rumor has it they are now working on a film that will claim that title. Personally I never cared for the films. The game, however, was enjoyable. The controls are pretty fluid but I did occasionally stumble when attempting maneuvers that are not used often. Gameplay is kept fresh through the continual addition of new weapons and devices. Unfortunately the new weapons became useful only in context during later stages and some I never used because I forgot what to do with them.

Gameplay and on the fly dialogue does get repetitive during the end game. Which is sad considering gameplay is less than 12 hours, significantly less if you are good. There are plenty of hidden objects and secondary goals that could extend your experience. I didn't spend the extra time for what amounts to trophy hunting. Considering how long the game has been out it's no surprise that online multiplayer is basically dead so those trophies are not achievable anyway and platinum is out of reach.

I can definitely see a strong future for this series in the game world even without a new movie on the horizon. Considering the trials this game beat to even come to market this may never happen. If I were making the sequel I would go 4 player co-op, a la Left 4 Dead. Or, with the right story tweaks, an MMO is not impossible.

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Fun game but too much use of the PKE meter

posted by Mattesonjd (LOWVILLE, NY) Feb 7, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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I like the concept of this game. It was fun. The original voice actors were excellent. The story was good as well. Other reviewers stated that the controls were a bit confusing. I would agree with that but I did not find that to be the biggest downfall of this game.

My biggest problem with this game was that the game was constantly requiring you to use your PKE meter. For those who do not remember, this is the device used to detect ghosts and other paranormal activity. The problem was, when you used the PKE meter, you were looking through green goggles. Your screen becomes rounded like you are looking through binoculars and it takes on a green color like you need to adjust the tint.

The environment is well crafted. There is a lot to wander around and see. But looking through the PKE meter destroys much of it. It would have been better had the PKE meter just brought up some tracking bars at the bottom of the screen without throwing in the binocular/funny color effects. I felt like I was missing so much having my vision focused like that.

Batman had something similar with their "detective mode". While I didn't like the fact that it turned the environment strange colors, that game didn't have the binocular effect making it much less bothersome.

The story and game were fun enough, but the PKE meter really was that distracting. I would give this game a pass.

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