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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex


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Ghost echoes from within...

posted by Warebear (SALINA, KS) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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When I first started playing this I found the controls were a little unusual from most games. Trigger button with left instead of right hand. Secondary weapons, etc. Once I got used to the controls and the smooth flowing game play I started to really get into the game.

If you are a True GHOST IN THE SHELL fanatic, you will enjoy this. The graphics are well done, the movements are a little limited with the rotating camera view, but still excellent. The cut scenes are entertaining and have the feel of the shows/movies.

I really liked the real "Cybernetic Body" feel of when jumping down, walking etc. the sounds make you feel like the character is weighing in at a true 500+ lbs. Making the characters seem like an unstoppable force.

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Above Average

Somewhat Good game but need some upgrade

posted by BigD1973 (DUBLIN, CA) Jun 20, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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At first, the control is a pain. Why would anyone put main weapon on L1? Jump and action button on the same side is R1 & R2. Hard to press 2 buttons at the same time on the same hand. At least they let you change that and practice helps. And the control is so sensitive that kills me. Once again, practice.
The game play is nice. I don't care about the story that much. And the suck part is they don't let you watch the cut sense other than playing the game.
Good graphic, good game play, very sensitive control and weird control configuration.

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Good game for true Ghost fans

posted by MESSIAH (SUITLAND, MD) Sep 1, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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So you saw stand alone complex the game huh?

Well let me just get you ready real quick before you rent thins game. The game its self is great nice cute scenes action packed pretty good story line and trying to make the best of the ps2 platform for the die hard "Major" fan.

Controls. Simply put are strange at first but a training option at the start of the game quickly fixes that and has you playing on the stock setup in no time. Any old school gamers will easily adjust to the stock controls with no problems.

Now as far as the game play its self. I love the way the levels increase in difficulty and the soldiers you run into are getting inreasingly harder and smarter. But major has it covered with all types of martial arts that have matrix looking like a white belt in karate class. Major lets loose with a barrage of attacks from throwing big knifes to stun grenades and her uncanny martial arts skills.
You will notice as you get a better feel of the game that the people who made this game put alot into the "Major" to make her as close to the series version as possible. Optic camoflage, stun equipment which allows her to utilize more devastating martial arts combos, lots of weapons,
Wall jumping and just her over all manuverability.
With all this at your hands you may get upset when you have to play batou or tachkoma the spider tank.
But all is well, because after beating the game you get goodies new characters for multiplayer different color majors and batous. Weapon selection with infinite ammo. As cool as multiplayer may seem, My self i prefered to go back into single player and up the ante by playing the game on hard. I say excellent game.
Slightly difficult puzzles may have you stumped and somewhat angry for a few minutes. Just look around at your surrondings see what you can hang on and make full use of majors wall jumping ability, because if you can jump there major can hang on and climb up. Great game you wont be let down


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