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Ghost Rider

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Ghost Busting

posted by gators9606 (CORAL SPRINGS, FL) Sep 16, 2007

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This is basically a fighting game using the Ghost Rider for it's look. Movies consist of storybook artwork run with a narrative, but the game itself is basically arena fighting with some drive & fight courses thrown in. Ghost Rider story is of man who is forced to seek out those who escape from below and send them back, seeking out and fighting evil on earth. The game however is just killing wave upon wave of demons starting off down below, then moving up to the city where the movie ended and so on. Other than learning combo keys for special moves, the fights are basically the same each level. Decent graphics, basic controls, nice artwork, and lots of fighting.

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Above Average

Good, but not great.

posted by MattJason (MASSILLON, OH) Feb 23, 2007

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When you very first power this title up on your PSP, it looks and sounds GREAT! The menus and all user interface aspects are really cool looking and sounding. The game graphics are also very cool. The game it-self is basically a hack-n-slash style, which I like. (A throw-back to Sega's Golden Axe.)
The problem is it gets boring and mundane within the first 5 minutes. Graphics and sound stay cool throughout. I just didn't care about reaching the goals in the game because it seemed like no matter how hard I fought or how many of the demons I destroyed, tons more kept coming with no good rewards. Also, the motorcycle controls are sloppy and hard to control.
This game is cool but gets old pretty fast.

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Awesome game

posted by ichigo11 (ALLEN, TX) Oct 25, 2010

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Me knowing the guy who voices for dante in devil may cry 5,made me want to play a psp version of the ps2 version of this game. the game was very good,great graphics and it was just as great as the one capcom made a couple years back.

thanks for reading!

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