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GF Rating


Good Graphics - Poor Playability

posted by StoneFish (BELLPORT, NY) Dec 28, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

16 out of 19 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

I had to put this game down after 30 minutes or so, and I dont plan on picking it back up. The awesome graphics just dont make up for the poor play quality. Characters are akward to controll, and there is virtually no camera controll as many have stated. Seems like they rushed to get the game out before it was a finished product. Steer clear of this one.

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posted by liquid731 (CULVER CITY, CA) Dec 21, 2006

Member since Aug 2004

14 out of 17 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

This game is underrated in many ways. If you are a fan of the Onimusha series and of Japanese hack & slash games, this game will not let you down. Yes it's not revolutionary and the camera isn't the best but the action mixed with the RPG elements are enough to keep you playing through the game. The best quality of the game is the graphics. It looks phenomenal. The backrounds look as good as the characters. The active environment (i.e. fire, falling pillars, etc.) look good for a first generation game.

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An excellent under-rated game

posted by Gearhead (FORT SMITH, AR) Dec 28, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

12 out of 17 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

This game is perfect as a release game, the graphics are much better than any other game for the PS3 except the sports game which can
devote more attention to specific details. The levels are massive and immerse. The game does start off slow but by the 2nd level you can really start to make the game your own. You can upgrade your weapons attack power, upgrade your health, get power-ups, and use spells to give your characters boost.

Its true you can't change the camera angle, but your right analogue stick does so much more by allowing you to quickly move your player in defensive moves. At one part in the game, your in the middle of a battle field where the enemies never end. Let me tell you the game moves so fast at this point you need liquid nitrogen to cool off your fingers.
The game gets very impressive when you become surrounded by over 20-30 enemies. The game is no longer a mindless hack and slash. Strategy becomes the key to staying alive.

EVERYTHING is made in such realistic detail, every blade of grass moves with you, every movement shows in the water.

THIS is the best game out to date to showcase the PS3's graphics and physics engines. The background goes on forever and every movement has a reaction. Anybody that gives up on this game after the first level doesn't deserve the PS3.

This game will not disappoint any who give it a few hours. Ohhh did I mention this game is very long. 40 hours if you take your time to upgrade your team. Which is a requirement to staying alive. If any your current character dies its game over. No continuing with the remaining players

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