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Gears of War


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Gameplay Controls

Gears of War
Directional Pad
Switch Weapons
Left Thumbstick
Right Thumbstick
Click Right Thumbstick
A Button
With Left Thumbstick: Evade. Enter/Exit Cover. Climb. Cover Slip. Swat Turn. Roadie Run (Hold).
B Button
Melee. Activate Chainsaw Bayonet (Press and Hold). Stick Grenade In Enemy.
X Button
Use. Interact. Pick Up/Swap Weapon. Pick Up Ammo. Man Turret. Kick Open Door. Press Button. Engage Valve. Climb. Revive Fallen Squadmate. Curb Stomp (When Near Enemy In Multiplayer Games).
Y Button
Display Points of Interest.
Left Bumper
Objectives. Squad Status. Orders (Single-Player Mode Only).
Right Bumper
Reload. Quick Reload (Double-Tap).
Left Trigger
Start Button
Right Trigger
Shoot. Throw Grenade.
Back Button
Multiplayer Scoreboard
Moderate Zoom For Snub Pistol
Activate Integrated Scope On Longshot Sniper Rifle
Hold Left Trigger
Fire Hammer Of Dawn Weapon (When Orbitally Aligned Overhead)
Change Frag Grenade Projected Arc
Form Squad Into Aggressive Stance (When In Combat)
Form Squad Into Defensive Stance (When In Combat)
Regroup Squad
Mode #1:
Combo #1