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Theres no other way to say it, BEST 360 game EVER!

posted by 12delioboy (MANASSAS, VA) Dec 12, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

34 out of 45 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Heres a list review for the best Xbox 360 game!

1. Jaw dropping graghics!!!
2. Cinimatic single player campain, very fun.
3. Cover system works beautifully.
4. The game feels like it was made for co-op.
5. Difficulty is tough, but you will eventually progress.
6. The bosses are awsome, " the corpser is one of best videogame OMG sights".
7. Multiplayer is so addicting and fun, I wasn't expecting that.
8. The locust are really cool.
9. Some of the weapons in the game are amazing and unique " the chainsaw bayonet nerver gets old".
10. The reload system is unique and works well.
11. Marcus is just a badass.

1. The story line is weak.
2. The first Berserker level will drive you insane.
3. The difficulty level could have been tweaked.

I've been waiting for a game like Gears of war for a while. Now it's here, and it has blown me away! YOU HAVE TO GET THIS GAME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!! I am laughing at Sony, because this game is going to crush the PS3.


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posted by Braveheart (SAN DIEGO, CA) Apr 4, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I rented this game not expecting anything special, I mean I read the reviews but some how I never believed it! Graphics are awesome, game play and handling is very easy to grasp, and the story line was delicious. Don't buy this game thinking of Halo 2, it's not even close. Both are shooters, but very different shooters. If I had to complain about anything, well the game is kind of short, and you can't jump up or crouch but all the good stuff far out weigh these minor inconveniences!!! Buy this game!!

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What are you doing?!?

posted by DFRS99 (BROOKEVILLE, MD) Dec 4, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

16 out of 21 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

WHY ARE YOU EVEN CONSIDERING RENTING THIS GAME?!??! GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW!! Ok, i understand if you're a little shaky about this game. Lets start out slow! One of the coolest and most fun parts of this game is your main gun. Known as the "Lancer", this is a machine gun. Ok who cares about a stupid machine gun right? but its more!! attached like a grenade launcher to your gun is a FREAKIN CHAINSAW!! Enemies getting too close for comfort? CHAINSAW THEIR BUTT!! Ok, another great part of this game is the campaign. On casual mode, the campaign can come up a bit short, but on hardcore and insane (the other two difficulties) this game is a long one because its ACTUALLY harder on the harder modes!! Along with playing the solo campaign, you can go online and play that SAME campaign, but with a friend or some random dude from canada OR ANYONE ON XBOX LIVE!! So, if it gets a little hard, just get some guy to help you rip it up. So, ive left the best part last. If you have graced your 360 with an xbox live subscription, then you'll have the privilege to go online and enjoy that chainsawing, machine gunning, madness that makes gears of war fun, but with REAL PEOPLE!! You can play ranked matches with all the really good people or you can play regular player matches with the noobs. (just like halo!) There are three game modes, Warzone, Execution, and Assasination. Warzone is just deathmatch. In assassination, you have to kill a specially chosen leader of the other team and thats the only way you can win.
In execution...blah blah blah just rent the game and find out!! I GUARENTEE THAT YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME FROM THE MOMENT IT ENTERS YOUR DISC TRAY. So pretty much keep your mouse button by that "keep it" button because you will LOVE THIS GAME.

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