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A game for all players - even girls!

posted by erzsebeth (FORT SMITH, AR) Jan 28, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

117 out of 134 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

As a female gamer I prefer non-shooter style games, such as RPG's, and was extremely wary of playing this game. However based on the graphics (the "Mad World" preview) and the voice of John DiMaggio (Bender - Futurama) as Marcus Fenix, I decided to give the game a chance and was more than pleasantly surprised that I did. The fact that you can co-op online is most likely the best feature for this game. The story line is excellent, however leaving much to be revealed in future games. The game is highly addictive with the desire to unlock all achievements and beating all the difficulties legitimately, a rarity nowadays except for true hardcore gamers.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful in the game, even on a LCD screen, I was completely blown away. There were moments where I had to stop playing and simply admire the graphics, such as the grit and grime in Marcus' ears or the rain pouring down the sides of the walls.

The only real issue I had with the game was the "A" button feature where you can make Marcus/Dom either run/roll/hide. A few times I would hit "A" to make my character hide and he would roll into the line of fire, or vice versa which in certain instances can be quite frustrating especially on Insane difficulty.

For a person whose preference in games has been "Devil May Cry", "Jak and Daxter", "Wild Arms" and other type games, "Gears of War" was very much outside my gaming style and I have to say that I have been permanently changed and cannot wait until the next game comes out. This is the beginning of new type of gamers and gaming style. Amazing and breath taking round and round and an instant classic. Fantastic!

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Welcome Gears of War!

posted by VonNapalm (MANOR, TX) Nov 9, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

95 out of 124 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

Finally a true next-gen shooter. This is the one folks. The game we bought this next-gen console for.

First off, let me say this; this game is not Halo. It is so much better at what it attempts to do. Here is why.

Immersion. The visuals are the best of ANY game on the 360 to date. The sound design is Perfect. There is zero drop in frame rate in single or multiplayer. NO LAG!

Campaign is compelling and fun. It is a challenge, but not quite as teeth-grinding miserably difficult as CoD2 on Veteran.

8 players on multi. Coop for campaign. Great gametypes, and good, easy to learn controls. The AI is very smart and will work to flank you at all times. They utilize supressing fire and come at you with prejudice. Balance is good with a combination of snipers, assaults, grenades and pistols.

If you like fast pased small maps with a ton of action, get it.

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Great game with minor faults.

posted by Element457 (JONESBORO, AR) Nov 12, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

28 out of 36 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

It was about 2 weeks from today I was sitting there wondering why everyone was so excited about this game. It just didn't seem that fun to me. However, about about a week from release I reserved to get my early copy and see what all the hype was about.

Once I started playing, however, all of that changed. I immediately became drawn in and didn't want to stop playing. Their is no real way to describe what makes GoW so much fun. Is it ability to play one of the best online games, go through the entire campaign with co-op, or having a difficult game that requires using cover and flanking? It's all of these things and the thing Cliffy B wanted out of this game...realism. You use cover as you would if you were Marcus Fenix, you use your blind fire much more than you could ever anticipate, and you are praying that the nade just tossed at you came up short.

GoW is a very fast game with tons of action. You are constantly seeking cover and trying to find the best way to outsmart the intelligent A.I. system. It can be a bit on the short side length wise, but that is where multi player enters the arena. The multiplayer is insanely fun and always a blast to play. However, I spend as much time trying to get into a game as I do playing, but that could just be my own connection.

As great as this game is it does have it faults. My major complaint is the lack of a crouch button. When you are in cover you have the ability to click the left thumbstick to crouch, but when just simply standing this ability is missing. Although the roadie run sends you into a crouch it would have been nice to be able to crouch at certain points. My only other complaint is whenever loading from a some difficult checkpoints you would still have to listen the dialog and move about very slowly. This game is amazing and you shouldn't let these things stop you from buying this game. After all the lack of crouching does somewhat add to the realism.

This is defiantly a game you will be playing for a while.

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