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Act 2: C.O.G. tag location

When you reach the part with the spotlight, instead of going straight, go to the left.

Avoiding the Kryll

In the second chapter of the game, you'll be swarmed by enemy kryll if you so much as set foot in the dark. To avoid being attacked, stay in the light at all times. When there's no light in sight, look for propane canisters you can blow up to create some

Regain Health

Unlike most games, you can regain all of your health in Gears of War without the need for health packs. Simple stay in cover for a few seconds and watch as the bright-red gear in the center of the screen fades away. When the gear has completely disappear

Chainsaw rev

When you have the chainsaw activated, hold B and tap RT.

Chainsaw rev

When you are in melee combat hold B and tap RT

Head in a Toilet

In act 5, when you go to the graveyard there is a door. Kick it open to find ammo and then turn right to see stalls. The first one has the man's head in the toilet.

Crab Walk

This trick is easier done on Gridlock and is not recommended during ranked match. Go to the Cube figures and take cover on one. If you press left or right you will have the choice to roll over to the other side. When you have the option to do that press A then down and then up it will be very hard on your first try and when you do it, it looks like your lagging, but other people see you crouching down running everywhere. Note: You cannot be host if you want to do this.

How to beat Berserker

In the final level, you first need to get the Berserker's attention. Berserkers are blind. They only go off smell and sound. Lead her all the way back to the very first train car. While she is still on it, quickly run off and press the button to release

How to beat General Raam

Get General Ramm off the Gatlin gun. When he starts walking towards you, let Dominic get his attention. Then, run towards the Gatlin gun and shoot him with it. This should kill him in seconds. This is easier in co-op mode.

Emergency holes

When an emergence hole opens up, toss a grenade into it. This will automatically close the hole, and therefore keep the Locusts from coming out.