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Only rent only if you have nothing better to do.

posted by CloudSeven89 (THORNTON, CO) Mar 26, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

This game was a very big disappointment to me and everyone I personally know that has played it, my cousin and 2 friends of ours played together 3 of us have GameFly and one of the friends unfortunately bought it but we all got it at the same time and played the multiplayer playlist Overrun to start off our Gears Judgement experience and that was fun until you realize there is only 4 maps in that playlist and after awhile that just got real boring, and also Overrun is the only mode where it pits the Locust vs Cogs, in Team Deathmatch it's just Cogs vs Cogs in Red vs Blue style and the maps are too big for how many people can be in a match, Free For All and Domination are the only other playlists besides Overrun and Team Deathmatch and they changed it to where you can only carry a pistol and 1 primary weapon when you first spawn, it used to be you could carry an assult rifle of your choosing as a primary and a shotgun as your secondary and then you also had a pistol. Now onto the campaign portion, it is very very forgettable and is basically just horde mode with cutscenes, every section in each chapter you fight some enemies for like 5 minutes and then you get to a spot where a timer starts and it tell you to get ready and when the timer stops a horde of enemies comes and you kill them and then another shorter timer starts and then you just kill whatever comes at you and then you're done with that section and it ranks you with stars and ribbons and then it just repeats that way of gameplay the entire game which even on hardcore difficulty only took a total of 6 hours to beat and after the first 3 hours my team gave up cause the game was too linear and the dialog and story was just very bland and boring to finish, but after a day of waiting to see if they wanted to finish it I just said forget it and finished it myself and it was just such a forgettable story and a very bland ending. Cliffy B was right to leave Epic games when he heard the idea's going into this.

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GF Rating


huge piles of excrement

posted by demon_ape (LAKEWOOD, CO) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Tower defense of war! multi-player is ridiculous ,nothing but shotguns. roadie run at someone with one and pull the trigger, boom instant kill no skill involved in this game whatsoever! No horde ,no frag tags ,no meatshields w.t.f? Hope you redboxed it!

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GF Rating

Above Average

this game is a joke..

posted by killakam (ROCKLIN, CA) Mar 24, 2013

Member since Sep 2007

Well, ive played all the GoW games and this one is the most boring.
Slow storyline with odd way of leveling up to unlock stuff... lots of bugs and weapons change to a pre-determined loadout each mission which is annoying..
the gun fights last 5 minutes and then you are on to the next mission. It has all these optional things to do but none if it is even challenging, even on 'hardcore' mode.

same buggy controls as before, no improvement in graphics, and the same weapons as before. maybe i need to try the multiplayer but after what ive seen so far i'm not enjoying it :/

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