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Above Average

Decent but still disappointing.

posted by Cheesybro (FAIR OAKS, CA) Apr 8, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

First of all the campaign was the best part of this game. I didn't find any real downside and i liked the addition of classified mission. The real downside to this game was the multiplayer, which taking out hoard mode was their first mistake. I thought overrun would be enjoyable but seeing as how you can't rebuild and put down defenses, things go from bad to worse pretty fast even with a good team, but playing online there isn't a good one to be found. As for competitive it was an even larger let down; only giving the player a primary and a useless snub pistol was unbelievable to me. This left me and everyone i played with taking the gnasher because I rarely found myself in a position when i was able to take someone out from long range without them just running at me and popping me in one shot with the shotty. I don't know what Epic was thinking when they made this game but they've basically ruined Gears, I hope they get their act together next game.

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thought this was gears of war...

posted by thematad0r (WOODBRIDGE, CT) Apr 6, 2013

Member since Oct 2003

recently I have been playing gears of war judgement only to get more and more disappointed with the attempt to make gears a call of duty like shooter I used to think gears was way better then that apparently I was wrong. First off wither you play multiplayer or campaign you can only have two weapons and only choose one of them in multiplayer. secondly the cover system seems like a after thought that fails horribly. Finally there is the campaign it self which made me feel like gears is trying to become a B game and not an triple AAA the levels are either divided into five min increments or the levels are actually five mins with a stupid gears challenge thing that really kicks of arcade games as arcade games and not worth 60 bucks.

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Take it for what it is...

posted by Wicked_Bob (POST FALLS, ID) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

I draw a parallel f the Lord of The Rings releasing a blockbuster trilogy and then later coming out with more story in The Hobbit. I think this game is great for fans of the franchise and those of us that got connected to this story. I especially liked the embedded challenges in the campaign that added a refreshing element to a system I was extremely familiar with. My two issues with this game were 1) The unlockable Aftermath campaign should have come first and not locked. It felt out of order chronologically. I believe there was plenty of dialog that could have been a transition for Kilo squads story. 2) It was a lot of the same engagements and weapons from the previous chapters. Issue 1) is the greater in my opinion because issue 2) is somewhat expected in a 4 chapter of a franchise. But simple tweaks and details could have helped eliviate this issue i.e. experimental weapons the never finished testing/ production by E-day and things of that nature.

All in all I recommend this game to fans of the franchise.

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