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Above Average

Gears Of War Review.. Not what you think.

posted by Sinnersaved (ACKLEY, IA) Apr 13, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I rented this game aware of the changes from a friend, but it was worse than i thought. The game though had some interesting parts to it such as the back story or "aftermath" It lacked in others. Like most Gears of War in the past i played it for the Co-op functions with friends and family. It had a feeling to it unlike most games of its time. Things like using your head or weapon planning. Even random jumps or dodges that would throw of a player not paying attention. Judgement was not challenging, though there were parts that were hard if you accepted the story changer parts at the beginning of each mission, it was never about the players Co-op skills. You couldn't carry what guns you wanted level by level anymore.. and the maps were always close in quarters. Honestly if the game came out, as its own title and not claiming to be "Gears of War" then yes maybe the games turnout would be more so on its self but to play wanna be and then not play the part. Hardcore fans who love Gears of War could agree its not what is was. Over all story, was alright kinda basic. Multiplayer was alright, i enjoyed the maps disliked how everyone used the same things because how overpowered it was and basically a fool to not have it. I liked the idea of horde mode, but impossible to play alone or with a crew of randoms. In the end.. it was a "ok" game just doesn't earn the title of Gears of War.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A great game that does not live up to it's legacy

posted by Adambomber (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Apr 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

As much as I enjoyed this it just did not live up to every thing you would expect from the first three gears of war games.

The multi player is the same greatness that the other games have but the campane (Jugement) is a bit chopy but overall their are not any other camplaints.

I would definetly recommend renting this and I would give between a 7.7 - 8.3

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GF Rating



posted by HeIIs_Sniper (WENATCHEE, WA) Apr 9, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

If your a big fan of the gears series like i am, Your in for a big disapointment with this game. The campaign is the only part worth playing, the storyline is decent and lets you see what the world of Sera was like right after everything went "down hill". If your planning on getting this game for the multiplayer i wouldnt recommend it, its the not the same and is honestly terrible... it is more like Black ops multiplayer than anything plus no hoard mode! Just some stupid modes like "overrun" and "survival" which are incredibly lame. Overall if you have this game on your Q and are a hardcore GOW fan I dought your gona want to play it for long.

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