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Very Good

Love it or Hate it, at least try it

posted by Yakixx (PINOLE, CA) May 19, 2013

Member since May 2013

Honestly I'm been a huge GoW fan since GoW 1 and they've always been downright brutal in the way you feel the weight of the character with every step, every single shot from your pistol to the boomshot. This does take a different approach to the franchise by making it very arcadey. It's much, much faster than other GoW, much more frantic. I like the respawn rate in this game, it keeps your heart beating fast without having to wait for the next round to try to get revenge on the last guy that blew your head off.

Quick Breakdown:

TDM: Fast and furious, but only 4 maps by default, sucks but there will be more soon, as of this writing there is 6 maps more on the way.

FFA: Took me a while to try it since I wasn't sure it fit with the whole series, but it's great. Crazy action that will keep your palms sweating.

Domination: Eh, fun but boring (personally) after about 3 matches, cliched KoTh.

Overrun: Very balanced gametype like Battlefield's "Rush" mode, capture and objective, move on etc. Either you will love it or hate it. I love it.

Story: Bleh, who cares? it's fun to watch and play the sequences but like most shooters; including GoW; has never had an okay story until GoW 3 and even then it was mediocre. It's all a joke, don't play these for the story.

Bottom line:
Embrace the change or whine. Love it or hate it, if you hate it don't buy it, if you love it buy it. Voice your opinion and hope they keep this series alive or kill it, whatever, it doesn't matter to me; I just hate to see an okay game getting very emotional reviews because things aren't the way they always were before.

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GF Rating


Good campaign

posted by Trent29 (CRESCENT CITY, FL) May 18, 2013

Member since May 2013

The campaign in this game is really good, it takes a while to complete and its very challenging on any difficulty, if you want a good campaign this is a great game. The multiplayer online is rather disappointing, only 5 game modes available and you have to download dlc to play them. The physics of the multiplayer are also horrible, there is no consistency with how fast a gun can kill an enemy, you find a shotgun from 4 feet away will be on shot kill but the next time you shot somebody while you are literally touching will be a two shot kill, if your all about multiplayer just don't waist your time on this game

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GF Rating


Just not in Gear.

posted by jgarbuz (FAR ROCKAWAY, NY) May 16, 2013

Member since Jun 2005

I didn't care much for GoW1, but loved GoW2 a lot, enough to replay it a few times . Gears3 was good too but not as much as Gears2. But this one is a let down so far. I'm only 2 hours into it, and hope it gets better, but right now I am bored to tears.

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