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posted by craniumcruncher (FARMINGTON, NM) Apr 14, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

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GoW Judgment is the most underrated game I have ever played. Initially I was angry that my favorite mode, Horde, was removed as well as the departure of stereoscopic 3D. Then I played Overrun. Overrun is the most fun I have had with a video game this console generation. Each match is like a game of Chess except it is isn't boring. Survival doesn't make up for the lack of Horde but it is fun too. The additions of Overrun, the class system, declassified missions, and ditching D pad system for guns and grenades are the 4 best additions to Gears since Horde.

I do agree that cog vs cog is dumb and I wish there were a couple more maps and more customization/depth and I of course wish there was Horde 3.0 but this will probably go down as my favorite game this console generation, Crazy considering this game only has a 79% on Metacritic.

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Why change a good thing?

posted by StormShadow826 (TUCSON, AZ) Mar 21, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

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This game is not a gears game. I say this because much of what fans have liked about the series has been changed. First the creators have changed the control scheme and any hard core gears fans are going to find themselves maniacally pressing the d-pad to no effect. They do this after asking if you are a fan and do not need a tutorial in the controls since you have played previous games, not cool. The overall dark theme of the gears series has been completely lost in the bright color scheme, boring monologue driven story, and campaign point system. I felt no connection to the characters like I have in recent games with Coles PTSD and Doms tragic story, they added to the darkness of the world, and Judgment just doesn't spend any time developing these characters. Really, the campaigne feels more like it should have been DLC and called Arcade in the main menu of gears 3 since that is how it feels. Multiplayer is also vastly different in many ways with the removal of meat shields, grenade planting, and the three weapon system. It is faster paced but this type of pacing means that everyone is just running and gunning and no strategy. I did enjoy several of the maps and it felt as though more thought went into these maps than the rest of the game. Overall, if you are unfamiliar with the franchise you will enjoy the game even with its poor story. However, any fans of the series will be disappointed with the changes, poor story, and handicapped multiplayer.

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posted by warjonkey (LUFKIN, TX) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

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the games campaign felt like an add on campaign. the stroy was good at best but not new it really hit hard on online. it felt like they took gears and turned it upside down, only 4 maps, no horde mode, and weapons kill faster a lot faster. they maid the online more fast paced like a cod gears of war if your a gears fan don't get this it sucks.....

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