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Gears of War: Judgement

posted by Qonscience (HAYMARKET, VA) May 31, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

Another Gears of War game that had a pretty good storyline but I just got bored of it really quickly. I was pretty excited for this game at first. I thought it would be a game where I could improve on my GoW skills but, like always, I do the worst on the team. The controls are a little bit different, for a more fast paced gaming experience. I liked the game, and just because I am bad at it isn't a reason to give it a bad rating. The reason I give it a 7 is, like I said, it just got boring really quickly for me. Horde mode is different and it just isn't the same experience as all the previous GoW games. However, the storyline was great and had some nice touches to it. It was good to get some background information on Baird and Cole. It is worth a rent. I already paid my sixty dollars on it, so it's too late for me. Most hardcore GoW fans would probably like it, not sure about anyone else.

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Very Good

gears of war judgment

posted by ZACH_36 (NACOGDOCHES, TX) May 31, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

the game was good in the sense of the action there was very little new creatures but there was new weapons that was good like to see more of both tho. the story was a little confusing because you had to play an arcade like mode to even unlock the story then the story was not that long and i didn't really see how it matched up with the gears 2 but overall it was a good time to kill now on the online the online was different where u can pick classes but got boring fast do to the fact all the modes felt the same but it was fun for that i gave it a 8 not the best game but not one to pass up either

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Above Average

An unnecessary Gears game

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) May 27, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

I think I know why Cliff B. and others maybe left Epic Games to pursue other paths; they didn't see eye-to-eye on the future of the Gears franchise after the trilogy ended with GoW 3, which was an incredibly amazing game in every way. It was perfect closure.

Judgment has you playing as Baird, but when he's the main character instead of the genius wise guy cracking one-liners, he can't quite fill the shoes as Dom or Marcus in my mind. The game is played out in flashbacks as Baird and his crew recount wars and such in a court room, telling their story as the game progresses as a prequel to the other games.

Still expect great graphics from next gen tech and game engines, great sound, voices, and very polished third person shooter. Judgment does change up the shooting mechanics and went for a more Call of Duty controller scheme though. I also think the whole gameplay is faster and way more intense, like Call of Duty. You can move quicker and have more close encounter moves, also ridding the slow d-pad controller for switching weapons and grenades. I like it, but it took me awhile to get used to it.

The 1-4 player online campaign is still amazing, and during parts of missions you can now choose side quests called "declassified" missions. You may have to beat the level in a certain time frame, or only use pistols, or kill your visibility for an intense fight scene with fog. It makes it way harder, but also gives you more XP to level up your guy and earn stars, like CoD Spec Ops modes.

My HUGE complaint is the lack of Horde mode. They replaced it with a new OverRun mode that is basically Locust vs Gears in a very condensed 10-round tower defense type setup. I grew old of it very quickly, but playing as the Locust are a ton of fun. Online MP like TDM and CTF are still very competitive and fun, but still not up to what GoW 3 was, and no horde mode. I still enjoyed Judgment but returned my purchase already.

Milt Drucker

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