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Ruined my favorite series

posted by AHighManBerPig (COLDSPRING, TX) Jan 4, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

First lets start off with the good things. The graphics are top notch.. voice acting as well. Wall bouncing is more fluent than ever.. they also added some AWESOME new weapons and grenades.

The Gears series has been my favorite since the first one.. then the second came around and I played that one so much I was one of the first legit level 100s in multiplayer and top 200 in the world! I lived, ate and drank gears.

This addition detracts from all of the previous installments. They removed so much of what made Gears unique and fun. They completely changed the control scheme.. there are no pistols now. Well there are but you have to trade your shotgun or lancer for it... Do you realize how ridiculous you look with a gigantic shotgun hanging over a dudes shoulder when you're using a meat shield? pretty ridiculous. No executions in multiplayer.. which they usually got you killed anyways.. but atleast it was nice to have the option to punch someones face in or shove a flamethrower down their throat.. Simple things like that is what made Gears unique and awesome... No more planting grenades.. instead you have sticky grenades from Halo.. very original... not.

A lot of people liked the campaign.... I ask.. "Why?" How many times can i play... "Uh-oh locust coming! Stay in this spot and fight" until you move on to the next spot then "Uh-oh locust are coming hold out this spot! Durrrrr" repeat... etc... The scoring system is a nice addition but.. Maybe i want to just play the game instead of fighting locust for 5 minutes going to a door and "YOU GOT 2 STARS!".. "NOW WAIT 3 MINUTES WHILE I LOAD!". Also whats up with the prize boxes? What is this Mass Effect? Remember when you actually had to earn things in Gears? and not just open a box to maybe win a weapon skin! WOOOOOOO YAY.

OH YEAH... NO HORDE BTW! Yeah! Gears.. who invented horde... has NO HORDE. What a JOKE.

Take it from me.. a true die hard Gears fan.. Don't buy this game..

I regret even renting

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WELL it was something, not much, but something

posted by OmegaKingD (CHICAGO, IL) Dec 6, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

I just started out with the gears of war trilogy playing gears of war 3 for the first time, and actually beating the game. Recently, I have been looking forward to playing the rest of the trilogy but based on what I what I have heard and my own experience, I have to say that yes it was a let down. The game mechanic that lets you switch weapons quickly was okay when low on ammo, but the variety of guns that gow3 allowed you to have was way better. If GOW Judgement had did the same thing with horde mode in gow3, then I believe that would've been fun. You know as far as the whole engineer, soldier, medic, etc kinda thing was concerned in GOW Judgement's tower defense game.
The story line was short, and General Karn was more of a side character than an antagonist. Which well, let me down a little. Like filler character or something.
Not absolutely terrible, but I would believe that the best prequel for the gears of war trilogy would be the pendelum wars COG VS. UIR. However, that is opinion. Perhaps even going in depth with the locust on how the lambent began to take over.

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Above Average

A Prequel Done Right and Wrong in the Same Ways

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Nov 16, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Gears of War is one of the best game series of this generation of gaming but for a prequel game this is not its best suit. Gameplay has more arcadey feeling and more on-rails but yet not on-rails level design that it makes it a bit of a dubbed down and quick game. People Can Fly is the company that built this game, which has been renamed Epic based studio since but I think is alright game. Most new features are dubbed down or ripped off from other games such as the Declassify feature can be a Gears version of Halo Skulls or the Intel in Call of Duty games. Weapons are down to two slots instead of four and controls are more simplified. For Gears Vets this is more of a let down in all areas except graphics,sound, story and multiplayer is still great; new players on the other hand will like this reinvented way.
Story is basically a prequel that details Baird and his squad Known as Kilo squad as they are charged with heinous charges for detonating a Lightmass missile to destroy a mean Locust known as Karn against orders. Once things gets toss on the head the story gets very great as a filler for the Gears Trilogy.
Like I said gameplay is basically more or less the same in most ways but more dubbed down from Gears 3. Still fun even with an arcadey feel. Mutliplayer is still the main point for this game for gameplay as with any Gears game.
Graphics is very realistic for a newer updated Unreal 3 Engine game tech and the sound is still the best in the series or on Xbox 360 period.
Overall this is a 6/10. Rent this game before buying or wait for a great price drop or deal to get it since it is not worth the full price like Gears 1-3.

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